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Hi, I’m Rachael and I’m Addicted to Books

So, you know, maybe we’ve all had that moment in our lives where we think to ourselves, I sure do love reading books.  I’d like to write one.  I’ll do that….but then we think, it’s too much and no one would ever publish my book anyway.  Besides, what would I write about?

You have thought that?  Well, then you and I are alike in that regard.  And even if you’ve never thought such a thing, really, we’re probably more alike than either of us actually realize!  And, like me, you probably enjoy reading all kind of books in fiction and non-fiction alike.

I’ve been writing both types in one form or another since grade school.  In high school (forever and a day ago) I enjoyed writing poetry; not good poetry that follows any rules or rhythms, but feelings poetry about whatever struck my fancy at the moment (i.e.  that certain crush or the sound of rain pattering on the tin roof during an amazing thunderstorm).  I’ve been writing out my prayers for forever, my thoughts on being human and many other various topics.

I can tell you that my grammar is imperfect and there will be plenty to edit along the way, but letting thoughts in all forms flow from my mind to my hands has always been easier than talking.  My brain knows what I want to say, what is good, right, appropriate and even sometimes thoughtful, but my mouth tends to trip on every syllable in a struggle of comprehension.

Can I do this?  Can I write a story that anyone other than myself will connect with?  I guess we will find out.  Stick with me, though, and we’ll get through this and hopefully you’ll enjoy the process of discovery as much as me.

Through this blog we are sharing here, we’ll explore the kingdom of my mind.  We’ll find out why the very process of writing a book has even come to fruition.  The very basic reason for that is that a deep thought occurred to me one day earlier this year about myself and my relationship with God.  It was enough to spring a leak and cause an ensuing flood of imagination.

As like the picture at the top of the screen implies, there is a fire burning inside of me, one that is driving me to continue and not give up before I’ve barely begun.  I can say that everyone I’ve personally talked to about this writing project has been incredibly supportive which makes it so much easier to keep at it, but even without the love, I’d still have to write this book and more.  I’m drawn into the story and I can’t leave it unfinished.  I have to read the end! (no skipping to the ending, either, folks! ha!)

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