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Planning to Write Orderly and On Time! Well, Maybe…

I like order.  I like plans.  I like being on time.

I am often chaotic.  I will likely have no plan.  I am late far too often.

Maybe you identify with me in these things.  Maybe you don’t, but that’s okay, too.  I like the idea of being flexible.  Rigidity tends to cause more stress than I’d like.  Of course, some may argue that chaos, having no plan and being late will do the same.  I can’t disagree.

That’s why I will often lean toward having a well ordered plan and executing it on time!  Does it always work out?  I’d be lying if I said yes.  This book I’m writing actually started as any dream does.  (If you haven’t read the previous posts, going back to do so will likely make more sense of this one)  Of course, like most things I write, I just dived in to see where the pen would take me.

The thoughts were all there, the desire was in place and the will to do it was strong.  I wrote a short story, a small fairy tale, really.  It was a sweet tale of love between a bride and her bridegroom that is interrupted by heartbreak.  The restoration of their love is what the book is full of and it was not in the fairy tale version.

I found, though, after writing this short story and having the idea ready to flow, it had no where to go, no place to spread it’s roots and grow.  So, I had to plan!  I had to give it order and shape before I could move on.  I’d already given myself a time line to work within, which, at this point, I have already surpassed (welcome to the world of motherhood (or anything but full-time authorship, I suppose)).

My first foundation ended up being a prologue to help me establish the main character, first in my own mind and second to see how she saw her world.  After that I stopped writing and turned to my blank, line-less paper to explore a drawing.

It wasn’t just any drawing, though.  It was a map.  Where are these people living?  What lives do they lead?  How do they interact?  In how big of a land do they live?  In what sort of era do they live?

Because my story is fictional and also part fantasy I couldn’t see my people living in a place here on Earth, so I imagined a new place, a new world, not unlike our own.  It is full of beauty, just like our world.  It is also full of ugly things and even people, just like our world. The map helped me to see my story in ways that I couldn’t have without establishing it as part of the plan.  The map has helped to give my story order and I think it helps open up the imagination even more to the world of the people you will meet in the story.

So, even though I lack consistency in my order, plans and timing, I can say that so far I do not lack vision and desire.  The sweetness of the fairy tale with which I started is carried into the book that I’m writing and hopefully it gives you more.  The love the Twelve Realms will show us is deeper than a short story can tell.  It’s a lifelong love that one story alone can never tell.  It’s only the beginning and just like the idea that has formed, this beginning is beautiful.

I just want to encourage you today to make some plans, give them some order and don’t give up even if you don’t reach your goal on time!  If I’d have done that this book never would have been written and my own heart would have missed out on all the encouragement and joy of the challenge!

“The merit of all things lies in their difficulty.”
― Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers

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