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Protecting My Heart

So I find myself a little reticent to post any real substance about my actual book I’m writing.  I think I’m worried about protecting what might be termed intellectual property?

My story is mine, from my heart, and I hate the thought of someone reading my ideas and running with them.  What if someone who has an agent and a network of editing & publishing friends reads just the ideas and so consumes them that me, this insignificant nobody, is left behind, holding onto my unpublished works while the very stories that filled my mind (different, yet the same) are floating around cyberspace and bookshelves?  (Of course, this reasoning in and of itself only proves how very highly I erroneously think of myself!)

I’m not saying someone couldn’t do it better, because surely someone could, but the stories are mine and I don’t want to share them in that regard.  The guts of my stories, though, are not new, I’m sure!

The things that consume my mind and imagination are as old as time.  Love, jealousy, betrayal, sacrifice, justice, desire, hope…the guts.

What do you all think?  Is this something that I should be worried about?  Should I go ahead and share my characters’ trials/triumphs or just stick to sharing about the generalities of my labor of love?

Because, this really is something I love.  I feel when I write.  I explore my own emotions and reactions and desires and hopes.  I have freedom when I write and discover things in myself that I didn’t know or had forgotten.  The people become real and maybe all of them reflect of little bit of me…

When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.”  –  Ernest Hemingway

8 thoughts on “Protecting My Heart”

  1. I totally understand this feeling! My stories have so much me in them, my heart clings to the characters and the worlds. My dreams woven deep within them. The idea of another taking them is a nightmare.

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  2. That’s the great thing about being an author. There isn’t just ONE way to do things. For me, I have my 5 people and have been sharing chapters as they are ready. It is helpful to me to see what they think as it is happening. Also, a couple of the places that didn’t make sense to them opened up a whole new way of looking at the book for me. In the end it added another layer to the book that is fun to write about. 🙂

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  3. I agree with Erin – just share with a very few people, because you don’t want to open yourself up to everyone’s opinions yet. Give yourself and your story time, so it really can be your story and not shaped by others’ input before it’s really complete.


  4. Consider this: Pick a core group of people (maybe 5?) that you share everything with. Have them help edit grammar and tell you what doesn’t make sense to them. Don’t ask for solutions, just areas they don’t quite get and why they don’t get it. That way, you have a better grasp of what works and what doesn’t before you even start the submitting process. Everyone else should get the vague response or the “elevator response” that tells your story in a short concise sentence or two. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Erin! I appreciate the advice and it’s reassuring to hear because I’ve already started doing it! 🙂 Of course, I haven’t given them the book yet because it’s not quite done, but hopefully I’ll have it ready for them shortly!


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