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The Mercy of Sacrifice

So, I mentioned before that I used to write poetry.  There is a wide variety of it to choose from,  but I decided to share one with you today during this week leading up to celebrating Easter.  I have rarely used any type of technique when writing poetry, so I apologize if you do not enjoy poetry without a meter or rhyme.  I hope that the sentiment of Mercy and true sacrifice shine through for you, though.

This was written by myself on September 7th, 1998



I stand here shackled,

Not ready to pay the price

For these evils I’ve so done,

Begging forgiveness for these,

The acts the devil has won.

The Judge, with raised chin

Looks down on my pleading soul

With a pity unlike all

Saying, “Dear Child, you’ve done wrong

And now must pay the price owed.”

I fell to my knees,

Begging evermore, “please!”

While the judge turned away,

I wept like a child in pain

Feeling left within justice

My sorrow still strong,

A pure gentle voice rang soft,

As a sweet meadow breeze,

“I will take his place, Good Judge,”

And so the awesome fear left

Replaced by wonder

At this gift of life he gave

Dying for me, the sinner,

Giving His life so this scum

Might have life and live eternal!

With God as my true witness,

I love this life sacrifice

And wish to be like none other.

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