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I wrote this poem sometime during the fall of 1997.  As I look back at the poetry I once wrote I have to smile inside because I see the same themes still run deeply through my heart and mind.  I hope this brings just a little smile to your face today as you take a moment to read on.


part of one of my pencil drawings


I am almost blind, yes, but I see you still.

My blindness is not total, in a sense.

I see dimples clearly,

They belong to a graphic smile which leads fearless to one,

Only one raised eyebrow.

“How adorable,” I think to myself.

I see it all so well, you would think me not blind at all

There is the laugh so loud as it rings life from your eyes.

That sparkle, so magnificent, is a beacon to that of others.

You wonder at my sight, at how well I see your face.

Now there is curiosity!

It gleams outward from you.

Don’t deny that feeling.  It’s natural to wonder

When in my blindness with sight so well yet not,

I’ve described your visage with blind eyes,


This describes the outside, but really, it’s the inside of the speaker that we see.  The blinded eyes that can see without sight are looking deeper than skin.

There is this recurring theme in my own life of a desire to look past the outer shell of a man and really see the person, to find him in the depths of his (or her) soul.  We often only take the time to know the outside man, the one who is put in front of us physically and the portrayal of what he likes best from the inside of himself.  Perfect, certainly we are not.  But beautiful, yes, I think so.  I want to find that in everyone I meet because, maybe, I want to let others find it in me.

While I’m writing I get to explore parts of myself that I’d forgotten, like this poem.  I’m excited about my book (and future ones) on a personal and slightly selfish level because I get excited to see that even though so much about me has changed over the years the important stuff is all still there.  I want to encourage you today to look beyond the outside of someone you know a little and try to discover the person they truly are because you might be pleasantly surprised by a new and dear friendship.

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