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Growing Up isn’t Really Growing Old

By most accounts I’m still considered young, but I’m beginning to feel old and starting to wonder if I wasted my youth on unimportant things.  I wonder if I’m still wasting it sometimes.  Probably.  My thought, though, is that even though I’m not old yet I’m not young any more either.   But I can still remember being young.

Midlife, anytime of life...
Midlife, anytime of life…


I haven’t forgotten it and I find myself wanting to cling to it.  I’m beginning to better understand  that “mid-life crisis” cliche…not that I’m there yet, but it will likely hit at some point in time. Possibly?  Most people associate that with men, but I’m sure women must suffer from it, too.


Fotolio Senior woman contemplating         Here’s the thing:  I look at my beautiful grandmothers and I realize that they are just like me.  Young inside with all those memories of youth still floating around them like silk pajamas.  Who wouldn’t like some silk pajamas, right?  Ok, there are a few people, but just imagine one of your favorite feelings.  Old people may look old, but my oh my, they are not old.  They are young people trapped in aging bodies!  They sometimes act grouchy and frustrated because they are, but not at you.  It’s at the ofttimes trapped feeling they get from not being able to do all the things they could once do for themselves or eat what they want to eat or go where they want to go….


People in their later years are amazing storehouses of life, love, hope, pain, joy, suffering, success, failure, temptation, strength, passion, compassion, knowledge, mistakes, lessons, and sooo much more.  I am seeing now, even though I am not quite old yet, that the dreams of youth and the hopes of the past along with everything else will linger until we die.  I am so inspired by all the people who are in my life that have gone before me in this world and I hope I never take for granted that they were young once and that their youth still lives within.

I know mine will.  For better or worse, my years will never remove this youthfulness from within me no matter how much it does from my body.  What about you?

4 thoughts on “Growing Up isn’t Really Growing Old”

  1. You are correct. Though we have changed on the outside, the inside doesn’t change. The heart still flutters the same way when a handsome man walks into the room or plays in the movies. We still like to dress up, dance (though more stiffly), belt out a song, play jokes on people we love and wait in anticipation as their face lights up when they ‘get’ it. My grandmother was about 95 on Easter, and old fashioned. She had only been here from the old country about four years and still wore a babuszka, a thicker one against the cold and a lighter one for warm weather. This day she turned away to change to the lighter fabric and it was the first time I’d seen her pure white hair, drawn into a tight bun. I paid her a compliment. She looked over her shoulder, tickled by the attention and for a split second, there was no denying the youthful girl inside. It was there in her eyes.

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