My sweet Julia…my much younger sister. I love her. And like her, I’m still in a process…

Life's Little Mumbles

Something I’ve thought long and hard about since I was about 19 years old (I’m 23 now) is the idea of “What do I believe?” and “Do I live my life according to those beliefs?”

Its hard for me to admit that its been something I’ve been aware about since that long ago..because I feel like I should already have answers to those questions, and be living in a way that shows I’ve obviously thought about it and have checked it off my list. But I’m starting to realize that life seems to me to be more about these processes than boxes that we check off. Food addiction, Self-Love, Character these aren’t things you stumble upon and then all of sudden absorb like a magic powers. And even though I know this and am writing this, I still wish they were more like that. And sometimes I don’t give myself…

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