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The Horse Dreamer

My home "community", where I spent so much of my toddler years, summers and teen years is somewhere outside city life and yet not the country.
My home “community”, where I spent so much of my toddler years, summers and teen years is somewhere outside city life and yet not the country.

     I’m not a horse-whisper.

I’m not even a horse owner.

I wish I was, though.

Every time I see them my chest feels heavy,

as if I’m missing out on something special.

My fingers itch to reach out and touch the rough yet smooth and hard shoulder of a horse.  I want to look into her deep dark eyes and rub the space between.  It’s as though horses can see into your own soul sometimes.  It’s like having a friend you can talk to without saying  a word.

I love the way he smells like dirt, sweat, grass and, well, horse.

I love how strong she is and yet how gentle she can be.  When he plays, it’s amusing.  When he is fearful it’s intimidating and yet awesome.  When she is brave, I feel a little more brave.  When he is tired I just want to take a brush and give  a good rubdown….but, I don’t have a horse.  I only get to look at other people’s horses and dream.

I am a horse dreamer.  Of all the animals I find interesting and exciting, horses are my favorite.  They are beasts that my mind is enamored with and my body longs to connect with as only a rider and horse can do…  It’s funny how the strength of a horse leads me to feel safe as opposed to afraid.

What about you?

Are you a horse lover or afraid of them?

If you have a horse, what kind of relationship do you have with him/her?

What is your favorite animal and why?

5 thoughts on “The Horse Dreamer”

  1. I loved your ‘horse dreamer’ post – my 10 year old loves horses and lives for her weekly lessons at the stables. When she gets out of the car she takes a deep breath of the ‘horsey air’ smell and gives me a huge smile. We sadly cannot afford a horse for her but she seems to be happy with borrowing the stable ponies. Your post made me think of my girl! Thx 🙂

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    1. Thank you! your comment makes me soooo so happy! It’s so wonderful that you are still able to give her that experience. I’m sure she will treasure it always. I know I would! I will have to think of your sweet daughter as my horse-lovin’ kindred spirit. 🙂 Tell her to smell extra deep for me next time and give’em an extra pat for me, too! 🙂


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