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Nicholas Hughes – “…I can promise there’s more where that came from.”

I’m also reblogging my friend, Nicholas Hughes, Meet My Character Blog Tour post because he’s got another great creative mind that we can all enjoy finding out a little more about today!

So without further ado, here is Nicholas Hughes and The Red Dress



Meet My Character Blog Tour

About two weeks ago, I was asked by the always fun Rachael Ritchey to participate in a “Meet my Character” Blog Tour.  To eliminate any sense of suspense, I agreed.  And if you haven’t met, talked to, or otherwise interacted with this fine lady, you’re missing out.  By a lot.  So get on that, all of you.  You can find her on Twitter at @rachaelritchey and her blog here.

Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

But anyway, Rachael approached me for this character-driven—literally—blog tour.  I agreed but then started to think about my writing.  Rachael describes my work as “thrilling/mysterious,” but I have to admit, there’s a reason for that.  Most likely that’s only because I haven’t really talked about my writing projects other than to give status updates.  There’s nothing on the topic, the plot, characters, or anything else.  Only me saying that I’m working on it.

That’s not a whole lot to work on.  And I’m sorry about that, but I often post obscure tidbits about my life with no real details to support them.  I’ve always done it.  Drives my family nuts to say the least.  Maybe that’s a sign of some sort of complex or a lack of faith.  Maybe it’s modesty.  Maybe it’s something else entirely.  I tend to think it’s my innate sense of privacy I have to overcome every damn day.

Trust me.  It’s harder than it sounds.

What you have here is a rare glimpse into the world of my novel, well before it’s released.  Only a handful of people know more than what I’ve already shared on Twitter—and I’m related to most of them. So, please enjoy this.

’Cause I can promise there’s more where that came from.


Please click on the link. This private person is sharing with us and I appreciate that so much.  He’s a neat guy with a fun sense of humor, plus he’s got some fantastic story ideas with classically styled characters who fit our current era.  Love it!  Read on my friends!  He’s also picked some other wonderful people for which to pass the Blog Tour torch.

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