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Two Kinds of the Stuff

Stuff…kind of an ugly word. It’s very general and doesn’t help much when used out of context. I guess I should give it some context and maybe make it look prettier once it has a perspective to enhance it.

STUFF, for today, means BEAUTY. But what is beauty? Well, I think it’s often something that most people would regard differently from one another.


The Merriam-Webster definition is:


noun \ˈbyü-tē\

: the quality of being physically attractive

: the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind

: a beautiful woman

In my mind, this is still vague and leaves the idea of what beauty encompasses to each person’s personal preferences. So, like the word “stuff” used without any context, so is beauty.

I’m curious to know what you define as beautiful. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment for us so that we can compare and contrast what beauty encompasses.

Now, before I just leave this post right there, offering nothing but a comparison of beauty to stuff, I’d like to just expound on what true beauty is, or, at least the way I see the definition when it comes to people.

I think first of all, that the definition above lists them in the wrong order. The second should come first. Yes, we see the outside of someone first, but it’s really the inner qualities of a person that ultimately will attract us to them (or make them more attractive to us anyway).

I would even argue that once we start to become acquainted with the inner-workings of a person, it will transform the way we see the outer-shell.

Don’t get me wrong here, outer-beauty definitely exists! It’s in the world all around us in the things we see and the people we encounter, but beauty on the outside is transformed by what we know of the inside…. When I look at a volcano and admire its height, texture, power and strength, I find it beautiful. But, if while standing next to that same volcano, it erupts and shows me its sheer strength and power over me, bringing fear to my heart, I doubt I would find it beautiful. I’m almost positive I’d find it ugly and cruel. If I found a man beautiful to look at but was exposed to something evil in his heart that he took any small semblance of pride in or fed the lusts of, all his beautiful features would lose their luster.

It’s certainly ok to esteem one’s outer-self and to take care of it, too. I would say it’s just not ok to cultivate the love for one’s appearance to the point of utterly neglecting the inner beauty of self and soul.

Beauty quote2

Please tell me what you define beauty to be!  Have I struck a chord?  Do you feel trapped by your outer beauty?  Do you feel defined only by what people see?

Ask me questions.  I’ll do my best to answer.

Comment below, and find me on Facebook: WritingRaci  and/or Twitter: @RachaelRitchey

There is something beautiful in building relationships, connecting with people over shared values, and seeing the world through another’s eyes!

7 thoughts on “Two Kinds of the Stuff”

  1. This design is spectacular! You definitely know how to
    keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well,
    almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!


  2. I’d much rather be with a beautiful mind for one hour than a beautiful outer shell for an entire year. I guess my definition of beauty goes along with yours. It’s always been the mind that I’ve been attracted to, and when I see someone’s true mind, it reflects how I see their outer beauty as well. To me, beauty is something inside someone that makes me feel good too. If someone makes me feel good and I love to be around them, they are beautiful to me regardless of what they look like. Beauty is a soul stamp.

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    1. I like that- “Beauty is a soul stamp.” As I’ve perused the internet, looking for articles about beauty, I’ve found that there are many who feel that only ugly people believe this about beauty. Admittedly, I’m not considered a beauty, but I don’t think that even upon first meeting me anyone would say I was ugly. Well, maybe someone would. haha Anyway, I think that’s a sad and small way to consider beauty and reveals a rather vain thought-life. What are a few inner workings of a person you think detract from one’s outer appearance?

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      1. Vanity, selfishness, and self-importance. People who spend hours in front of a mirror putting on make-up, or go through their lives thinking they’re better than people because they are more attractive and have gotten free passes or positive feedback for it their whole lives. There’s nothing wrong with those things in and of themselves but when the person lets it go to their head and the vanity and self-importance shine through. To me modesty and humility are what make someone beautiful.

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        1. A lot of unpleasant behavior can stem from those three attributes. Thanks for sharing! I would have to agree that there is nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance, being confident, attractive, etc. In and of themselves these are not bad, but when pride, vanity and selfish ambition are the heart motives, they could become ugly.

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