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Inside Beauty – Inside My Story

I’ve talked about beauty on my blog pretty often since I started here a few months ago.  I keep saying the same thing in different (and often similar) ways.  Beauty is not just something we look at and appreciate.  It comes from the inside of a person.  His or her character, morals, and values will magnify one’s outer beauty in the positive or negative, depending on what we perceive to be attractive in another’s personality.

I’d like to start taking a deeper look at different parts of what I think makes someone beautiful inside and out.  Would you like to go on this thought-journey with me?  You see, the book I’ve written is an adventure. It’s a fantasy world, but it’s also a bit of an allegory pointing the way to true beauty.

Let’s talk about that for now and next time we’ll focus in on one specific attribute of “BEAUTIousness” found within a person.


I have nothing against outer beauty.  We are “…fearfully and wonderfully made…”* creatures, intricately woven into these amazing beings that tread upon the earth.  I cannot look at and consider another human-being without being in awe of the design and function of our outward appearance.  Fingers, toes, elbows, eyes, ears, hair (or lack-thereof), chin, hip, lashes, freckles, colors, textures, etc.  The variety is astounding, and the similarities are impressive.  We are, in general, beautiful creatures to behold.  No one would disagree that some are more beautiful than others, of course, but the point is, outer beauty does exist and I appreciate it, too.

In fact, Caitlyn, the princess from my story, is beautiful.  She is not like me, or how I think of myself anyway: plain, not ugly, but nothing special to look at.  No, Caity is tall, slender, symmetric, lovely hair, regal in posture, and all around eye-catching.  It’s when you really get to know her, though, that you start to see how beautiful she is, in all reality (not reality, since she’s not real, but you get the point).

She’s like me in that regard, or at least how I’d like to be.  Caitlyn is generous, tries to be patient, is willing to give people grace in uncertain circumstances, hopes for the best, and isn’t afraid of hard work. She’s fun, funny, flirty, sweet, loving….well, you get the picture.

Now, you haven’t seen her, but you know she’s considered pretty.  And you’ve heard her described.  Would you, or wouldn’t you agree that even this brief simple description of her character gave you an even more favorable picture of her beauty?  Doesn’t she seem more beautiful for having these attributes?

What about us, as real live people?  Is there someone in your life who stands out to you as more beautiful (or less) because of what you know of their actions and words?

I’d love to read your responses below! Please leave a comment about whatever comes to your mind on the subject. 🙂 Thanks so much!


*quote is from the ESV Bible Ps. 139


2 thoughts on “Inside Beauty – Inside My Story”

    1. Ah, the poet of my heart has arrived on my wordpress! Just so you know, All, this is the real deal here. I didn’t pretend to be my Karl to talk about myself. hehe For some reason, this sweet man really does love me.

      Karl, all I can do is smile. Thank you for seeing beauty in and on me.


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