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I’ve heard I’m Random

Ok, maybe not in those words, but I think it’s accurate…I’m Random.  Or is it?  Is anything really random, or is it organized chaos? Or chaotic organization?

My house is full of that-chaotic organization.  Watch where you step!  You could find yourself slipping on a scrap of paper left over from a craft project, stepping painfully on a Lego or Hot Wheels car, or tripping on a basket brimming with laundry.  The dishes…well, there might be more than a few in the sink.  What makes it organized is simple: I know where everything is located.  Can I tell you where it is? No…probably not.  I keep thinking I need to work on my directional instruction techniques.

Aside from my house being a bit random and messy, I could easily say my mind is in the same state of being.  There’s all kinds of things rolling around in this head of mine.  Most of it wouldn’t make sense to the average person.  Every so often, though, I come across someone who “gets” the beautiful mess that is ME.  I dislike very few people in this world, but it’s incredibly affirming to have someone understand you, even a little bit, and still accept you and – hold on! – like you.

So many people wander through this world searching for acceptance,  affirmation, affection, hope…Sometimes we look right through them, sometimes it’s as though our vision bends around them, avoiding the one who our mind doesn’t quite comprehend.

I think we all may be a little random.  I think we all are a bit messy inside and out.  Don’t let your messiness keep you from seeing the beauty in someone else’s randomness.  Sometimes accepting those quirky differences is just the thing that make you realize what a gift you could have right in front of you in that other person.

Don’t look through the odd ones. Look for them.  Look for us… because we can all make a difference in someone else’s life if we put in a little effort.  It’s a simple gift you can give with the potential for tons of personal benefit.

And, if you’re odd, like me, you can do the same thing for someone else.  If you’re odd, don’t let your insecurities define you.  You are a beautiful person, designed to be who you are and loved more than you could ever comprehend on this earth.  I know it’s true, because I’m odd, too.


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