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8 Tips for How to Start a Great Blog

Question of the day 2


from Hugh’s Views and News,

asked a good question for which I hope I have a worthy answer.

Hugh is curious-

he wants to know what my advice would be to anyone wanting to start a blog.

Hugh already has a great blog.  He really doesn’t need my advice, seeing as how I’ve got an okay blog. 🙂  I think great outstrips okay any day, but hey!  Who’s judging?! (everyone, but that’s beside the point. haha)

I’ve been given advice about my blog. Of course, I didn’t get any of that advice until after I started one. Well, no, I take that back.  I think the first piece of advice I got about blogging was from some friends and family on my Facebook page. They noticed me writing long “notes” on my timeline.  They said, “Why don’t you start a blog?” I’m not sure if they thought I had a talent for it or if they wanted me to blog so they wouldn’t have my notes pop up on their news-feeds….I get the last laugh, though, because I always post a link to my blog. It likely shows up on some new-feeds. HA!  Just kidding.  I love my people and they tolerate me.  It’s a relationship I can work with. 😉

Here’s my advice

ONE: Either have a theme or don’t.

People seem to go either way on this and I think both ways work as long as the people visiting your blog know what to expect. There are millions of topics available, so make your voice heard. Be as random as your want or as specific as you desire.

TWO: Be Y-O-U.

Just be yourself.  Don’t try to be or do something that isn’t you.  People can tell, even in writing.

THREE: Try to be consistent. 

I struggle with this, but wish that from the beginning of my blog I’d set a schedule for when I would post.  It can be anything really. Suggestions would be once a week, once a month, every day, every other day, Mon-Wed-Fri, or something that fits your lifestyle and your topics.  It helps people who follow your blog to know when they can expect a post from you.

FOUR: Don’t let other people’s blogs dictate what you write.

Your blog is yours, not someone else’s.  Besides, who’s to say that your blog and what you write about won’t matter to someone, help, or encourage someone?  Your voice is important and you can make a difference.

FIVE:  Blogging is a community.

Check out other blogs. Get to know your fellow contributors. Leave worthwhile comments, not just links to your own blog.  Being active in any community is a small part of what makes it a better place.

SIX: Choose a “WP Theme” for your blog.

But, if it’s not working for you, don’t be afraid to switch.  Just try to stick to a similar format, though, so that people don’t have to try to relearn how to navigate your pages. (9/30/14- check out: RonovanWrites. He has some great advice for extra customization, too.)

SEVEN:  Use photos and memes.

I’ve been told this is important on more than one occasion, but sometimes it can become overcrowded or distracting, so don’t go overboard! Make sure you keep them as closely related to your post topic as possible. This is a skill I have not mastered! 😉

EIGHT: Don’t be afraid of HTML.

It can be a little tricky, but there are thousands of websites out there that have lots of HTML code available.  They spell out exactly how to use it. So, when you are comfortable with your blogging skills, try switching to “Text” mode after you’ve typed up a post and add some extra HTML fanciness…like font size, color, style, etc. 🙂

That’s probably enough advice from this girl!  Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog.  Thanks again, Hugh, for the question!

Before you go,

What questions do you have about starting your own blog?


What advice would you offer to our friends who’d like to start a blog, but might be overwhelmed with the prospect?

I’d love to see your questions and answers below! OR, even better,  if you’ve already got a blog, write a post highlighting your advice for starting a blog. THEN- please post a link in the comments on this page so that anyone visiting can find more great advice! 🙂

17 thoughts on “8 Tips for How to Start a Great Blog”

    1. Thanks, Mr. Not-Walt-Walker-but-is-Walt Walker. I Love alliterations in names. 🙂 I’m looking forward to keeping up with your Waltbox on WordPress. 🙂 After peeking at my WP blog, do you have any advice for me on making it better?


      1. Well, I’m not sure I’m the one to be asking for advice around here. You seem to have things squared away. In fact, I may be back asking for help with HTML at some point. I’m a little frustrated that WP seems to have taken away some of the text editing tools I was using!


        1. I try to keep learning. It keeps things fresh and interesting. Ages ago, when Geocities first existed…when they still existed, I was teaching myself HTML. I spent hours and hours honing my skills. haha I can’t remember most of it now, so I search the web for help. I’m happy to pass on any knowledge I glean, though! I’m not overly impressed with the text editing tools available, but I wasn’t with Geocities, either. That’s why I taught myself HTML. Of course, JAVA came along, and I didn’t even bother trying to learn it…still don’t know anything about it…is it still around even? So many questions! ha! Thanks, btw, for the compliment on my blog. 🙂


    1. Hi Meredith! I’m so glad you found something helpful. Maybe I should link one or two of the HTML websites I sometimes visit for assistance. It’s a little intimidating, figuring out how to insert the new code into your blog, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a valuable tool. Being able to change simple things like font size and color can really help things stand out and be more easily navigated! Thanks for finding my humor, too! 🙂 That’s worth it right there, seeing as how I love to make people smile.


    1. Thanks Hugh! I appreciate your help. I look at my blog every day and think, “I want to write what I want to write, but I want to make friends here, too.” That’s important to me, so figuring out what people want to know and what I can do to help is priceless! 🙂

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