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Q&A #6: Pampered Self?


Two ladies I love dearly asked very similar questions of me.  I will gladly try to answer them, because maybe one of you has a better idea…OR, you might like it how I do it so much you’ll want to try it, too!  Either way, let’s share our secrets here on the world-wide-web. 🙂

Cyndi and Faye asked:

I can see that you are a loving mother, wife, and daughter, but what do you do to nourish/pamper  yourself?

Lots of people who aren’t loving mothers, wives, or daughters are busy.  The world we live in seems to be ever-moving, shifting, and changing. I am probably not half so busy as I seem, but most days I feel like things just never slow down.  There is always something that must be done!

Here’s a rundown of my responsibilities:

Husband, Kids, Home, PT Job, Laundry (yes, this deserves its own category when there are six of you in a house), Family, Friends, Writing, Helping with Homework, Social-Media-ing, Blogging, etc.  I’m sure you’re thinking that some of these aren’t really responsibilities, but I can assure you that they are!

The thing is, responsibility isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, some things become a responsibility because they are a good thing and we love them.  Most of that list is full of things I adore.  Yes, there are a few I could live without, but because the not-so-fun ones are related to (and serve) the best ones, I would choose to do the unpleasant stuff over and over.

On top of taking care of everything that requires my time and attention, how to do I nourish and/or pamper myself?

  •  Well, when I feel stressed, I rearrange furniture.
  • I also pick up my pencils and draw, or take out the paints and attempt to make something beautiful on canvas.
  • I spend time with my best friends to just visit and laugh.
  • I read my Bible.
  • I sing whatever pops into my head (real songs or made up nonsense).
  • I love to read books.

These are things I do as a way of pampering.  My fingernails don’t get manicures, and the bathtub is not conducive to long soaks, so I ignore those options, but I’m sure they’re nice!

Believe it or not, all the writing I do, including this blog, help to nourish my heart and mind.

So, you could say, because I’ve got this creative bent, everything I do can nourish and pamper me if I look at it in the right light.

  • When I rearrange, the house gets clean.
  • When I draw, I have new art with which to decorate the walls or give as gifts to people I love.
  • When I spend time with my friends, I am making them a priority.
  • When I read my Bible, I grow closer to God who created me.
  • When I sing, I forget the time and cleaning goes by faster.
  • Reading, well, sometimes that can be done with my kids, and we get to enjoy a story together.
  • My writing hopefully makes a difference for someone somewhere.

So, while I pamper and nourish myself — with the right attitude — I’m also able to fulfill all my responsibilities, too!  

It’s pretty awesome how that works out!

What about you?  How do you pamper/nourish yourself?!  Tell us in the comments below.

Have a great day, Friend!

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