Set Apart


I am just a girl, I’m no one special

I’m nothing perfect, or refined,

But make mistakes and change my mind.


I’m not perfect, I am just me.

I’m only this girl who wants to be kind

And sometimes you might mistake me, I find.


I want to be gentle, I want to be true.

I never want to be that girl — the two-faced kind.

And always want to be rose-colored-glasses blind.


I am no one special, I’m just a girl.

I know all through my life time cannot rewind

But the past will not hold the future confined.


I may be just a girl. I may be nothing special,

I have made mistakes and been naively inclined

But thankfully, I’m not the be-all and end-all of mankind.


I’m this girl, who despite my faults, mistakes, and sins

Is loved desperately by the God who gives himself refined

And as I repent, my faith-filled soul is cradled by ties that bind.

5 thoughts on “Set Apart”

  1. I want to assure you, Rachael, that you are very special. You are very lovable. What you stand for puts you far ahead of many in today’s world.I am putting you on the list of special people I’ve met on the net. Let me tell you why: the things you like: “Serving people, doing good…” If you happen to visit my site you will understand why I am so carried away by what you stand for. May your light continue to shine and inspire those who meet you in person, through your writing and activities!


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