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Praise vs. Paycheck: What is the comparison?

I took quite a long hiatus from my blog! I’m so sorry to everyone who actually takes the time to read my posts! I feel like I’ve been away far too long, but life took a temporary side-trail. I’m finally headed back to the main road. I’m not sure how long I’ll be staying on this worn path, but I hope if I do find the road-of-life veering off in a strange direction it won’t take me as far off as the last six weeks did! 🙂

I asked for readers to pose questions to me a few months back, and I was able to answer all but one of them! I couldn’t leave Ivyon hanging, though, so I’m happy to say I’ll be answering her question today.

question of the day7

Ivyon, a fellow blogger, said:


My question…Hmmm
Would you prefer to make a lot of money from your writing or a lot of praise?

My first thought is:

Sheesh! I don’t know . . . Neither?

My second thought is:


My third thought is:

That’s not really why I started writing, although both would be a pleasant side effect!

The question Ivyon asked is simple enough, but it opened up so many more questions in my mind. I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to second-guess myself at every turn. Am I making the right decision? Did I choose this or that only to please/benefit myself? Is that the right answer? Does my choice hurt or help the people I love?  The question Ivyon asked actually made me wonder at my motives, which is something I am constantly doing. I want to make decisions for the right reasons — not only to indulge my wants, etc.

So, when I look at the question, “Would you prefer to make a lot of money from your writing or a lot of praise?” I think the simple answer is both. It seems to me that if you are earning a lot of money from your writing then it’s likely you’ll also receive quite a bit of praise. That is not to say that some people will not like it, but if purchases are being made, then you are probably doing pretty well. Of course, praise doesn’t always lead to making a lot of money from writing, but I’d take it if that was all I got from it. It’s good to know people appreciate your hard-work and effort.

Do you want to know what I really want to make from my writing? I want to make a difference, however small. I want to touch hearts and minds in profound and simple ways. Sure, I’d love to make enough money from writing to support the costs of doing more of it and help take care of my family doing something I love. And,  yes, I’d love to hear all kinds of praise over my writing, but ultimately, I did it because I needed to do it and I want to use stories to spread some love.

Oh, and just in case an answer of both is not a good answer, I’ll just say, I can live without the praise of others (although it is very very nice!). I’d prefer to make money from my writing so that I can use it to write more and take care of my family! 🙂

Thanks for your question, Ivy Mosquito!

I’d love to get more questions! Ask anything you want: writing-related or otherwise, and I’d love to take a crack at it! Leave a question below, in the comments, or email me:

10 thoughts on “Praise vs. Paycheck: What is the comparison?”

  1. Hi! I am so sorry I just now got to this… it has been a sick month for me :/
    I love that you think outside the box and it reminds me of me 🙂 And making a difference… I can relate to that wish as well 🙂

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            1. Actually, that was in the northeast. Crazy, though, huh?! We’ve had a very mild winter over here in the northwest corner of the states, considering. What’s your favorite kind of weather?


            2. Oh, when you said NW I thought you meant New York 😉 Which now I see makes no sense when written, but somehow in my head it made XD

              I heard that California is “a place to be” if someone hates cold weather.
              I like it exchanging, if you get me. Spring – slightly warm, everything awakens, flowers, more sun, longer days… Summer – hot, fresh nights with open window and smell of the sea at coast, dresses and flip fops 🙂 Autumn – colder, a lot of rain, a lot of colours, walking through path filled with fallen leaves. Winter – cold, snowing, Christmas… I like them exchanging. But I love late spring the most, summer is my favorite but when it’s here then the next is autumn and late spring holds a promise of summer 🙂 You?

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