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Taken for Granted: A List of Twenty-One

found on pinterest.com
found on pinterest.com

The following is an incomplete list of things I am pretty sure I take for granted. Maybe you can identify with some. What do you take for granted?

  1. I know how to ride a bicycle
  2. Toilet paper is at my disposal where ever necessary
  3. My home is warm
  4. My home can be cool when it’s hot
  5. Milk is only a grocery store away
  6. My kids are healthy
  7. I can use all ten fingers 
  8. I have a working washer and dryer
  9. Greenery surrounds my home
  10. I can read
  11. I can write
  12. I have a driver’s license and a car
  13. There are locks on my doors
  14. My kids love me
  15. My husband loves me
  16. Both my grandma’s are still here to love on me and my family
  17. Friends
  18. Hand soap
  19. Hot, running water
  20. Pens and paper
  21. My sanity (whether or not I have this one is arguable 😀 )


There is an inexhaustible list of things one could potentially take for granted. Here I’ve only listed a few. Realizing all I’ve taken for granted instills a deep gratitude for my circumstances.

operation Christmas Child

I probably pass by strangers all the time who may not have some of even these simple things, and here I don’t even think about what treasures I have before me.


What do you take for granted? Is there something you’re particularly grateful for today?


9 thoughts on “Taken for Granted: A List of Twenty-One”

    1. OH! How could I forget? Rabbits should definitely be on the list. I’d take them more for granted if I had one, though. They are so soft! Thinking of them makes me think of the unicorn from Despicable Me…

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  1. Your right. We all take so many things for granted that we shouldn’t. I take my family for granted a lot. It’s only when I read something like this that I realise and I know that I should realise more. I am grateful for them. I know a lot of people have no one.

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    1. phoenixgrey, such a good point! It makes my heart sad to think there are people in the world who do not have this most basic thing: someone to be a part of their life through thick and thin. Family is so important to me and I, too, take mine for granted. Thanks for expounding on that bit of gratitude! 🙂

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