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Mimicking is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

. . . believed no kid ever.

Growing up, I remember how kids would do it–not to flatter, but to annoy and tease. Copying, or mimicking, was the how-to of bothering your peers.

As adults, we know better. Right? I hope so. When I copy someone else it is almost always because “I like their style,” as the saying goes. Today is going to be one of those moments. Those clever blogger(no ‘s’) over at Blonewritemore said to “imagine your blog is something else.” Since I highly esteem my friend, her wit, and her love for irony, I’ve decided to do just that tonight!

While visiting Blonde’s blog, you’ll be stepping into the most quaint coffee shop. I think, here at Writing–ahem, we’ll leave out the rest–you’d be more likely to find yourself stepping into the local second-hand shop.  That may not paint the best picture, but hear me out.

You are driving down the main street of a little town, touring the countryside when you come across this little shop here. You spy out the miscellaneous pieces of refurbished furniture and quaint little decorative touches. There’s a small bistro table with two chairs just next to the old-fashioned shop door complete with little bell to jingle when it opens.

You decide it seems a curious place and stop in for a peek. There are a select few who purposely scour the countryside looking for just such a shop, but for today, you weren’t planning on window shopping at all. The urge to take a look-see is strong, though.

You do a u-turn and park across the street from this second-hand store. Before crossing, you look both ways. Even out here, in this little town, it’s a wise move. No point in ruining your whole day getting hit by a car.

The sign in the window says, “Always Open! Welcome.” The bell tinkles to announce your arrival, and I can’t help but be pleased that you are here. I try to avoid being overbearing as you enter my door. You look curious and yet stand-offish at the same time, so I only intrude on your kindness long enough to give my welcome and offer my assistance at any time.

I’m most grateful for your cordiality. It’s my pleasure to leave you to peruse the nooks and crannies of the second-hand treasure hunter’s palace.

While I pick up a story from the wall filled with books and sit behind my little glass counter, you duck into the antique furniture section, running your hand along the top of the perfectly placed mahogany table. Everywhere you look there are things to catch your eye. Some you find enticing and can’t help but pick up, while others barely intrude upon your notice. There is something here for just about everyone.

In my shop here, you find things of beauty, forgotten by time . . . little truths that touch your heart with memories. Maybe nothing catches your fancy today, but you like this place . . . you’ll come back again and when you do, I’d love to pull out my little antique teapot and sit here behind my glass counter with you as we drink our tea together. We can enjoy the little bits of things that meant something to someone once and could mean something to someone again.

SO, that’s how I imagine my blog as something else. The perfect little second-hand shop where you’re always welcome.  It’s a place where I hope anyone could find at least one treasure to take home! 🙂

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