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Nicholas Hughes’ Blogwars:Rabbits


Here is my clever competition, Nicholas Hughes. He is a writer, too, but focuses his talent in the area of crime/mystery work. I am waiting rather impatiently for his book, The Red Dress. For now our little BlogWar here will have to suffice, but I do enjoy a rabbit tale. 😀


Noddington Hare stared wide-eyed into the pervasive darkness.  Damp paws gripped his pole-arm—a three-tongged fork tied to a stick with a shoelace he’d found somewhere.  His cardboard armor—it was thick cardboard, thank you—felt too tight about his middle while a cap made from half a tin can kept falling in front of his eyes.  Reaching up, he adjusted the cap for the hundredth time.  It would be so much better if he had not had to wear it, but standing guard duty in the middle of the night?  He wasn’t about to be caught without it.


Click on “competition” above for the full story! 🙂

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