#timehop: this time last year

Valentine’s Day seems like a good day for a #timehop blog prompt (and I like to copy my awesomely smart and fun blogging friend, BlondeWriteMore).


This day last year I was not a blogger, but I was seriously considering it.

February 2014, In Review

  1.  I’ll be coming up on my one year anniversary as a blogger on February 28th!  I never really thought I’d be any good at this, and I still don’t but I love blogging. Actually, what I love is the blogging community. The people you meet through blogs are smart, kind, funny, helpful, and encouraging. Who wouldn’t love it?
  2. February is the second month of diving head long in to writing my first real book, The Beauty Thief. While I enjoy every moment of it, I think my family finds my apparent gluing to the computer keyboard and screen to be a little disconcerting. On a side note, I took the month of March off from writing and hated it. I can’t go back there. You can’t make me! (you writers and bloggers know exactly what I’m saying)
  3. February is a month of birthdays for my family (three in our house alone!). We actually prefer to celebrate those more than this holiday, but I love the story behind the holiday founded partly on letting love flourish. Of course, the context has changed over time. (Valentine was a priest who was imprisoned for secretly marrying young men and women against the law at a time in the 3rd century when the Roman emperor outlawed it, thinking soldiers would fight better without families to think about.  Marriage didn’t seem to mean much outside the Christian faith, but because it was a sacred union, blessed by God, Valentine helped the young Christians to marry secretly. From prison, before his torture and beheading, he wrote and received letters. Legend has it he signed one in particular “from your Valentine.”)
  4. Um, other than writing a ton and celebrating the aging of several generations, not much was happening in the month of February!  It’s always kind of iffy on weather this time of year, so I can’t even remember what it was like outside. Probably a lot like today: gray but still a happy day!

That’s it. That’s all I got. What’s something you remember from this time last year?

Thanks for letting me borrow your time machine, BlondeWriteMore! I’ll pass it along! Anyone else want to jump in the time machine and take a #timehop?


7 thoughts on “#timehop: this time last year”

  1. I’d forgotten what the story/history behind Valentine’s Day was, so thanks for retelling it! That’s harsh they tortured him for it 😦

    Hmmm, this time last year I was rough drafting a 2nd book in my fantasy series, instead of polishing up the 1st book like I’m doing now, hehe. I had the writing bug! What more can I say? 🙂 I think me being glued to the computer then (and now) bugs my family and friends, too. But, as you said, taking a long time off from writing is torture to a writer’s soul~!

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    1. Because I know the story behind Valentine’s Day, it is a reminder to me of the sanctity of marriage and the constancy of standing up for truth and what is right. That makes Valentine’s Day a pretty awesome holiday in my book! I agree about the torture, but the Emperor was obviously serious about his edicts and keeping control of the people.

      I love that you were writing-writing-writing! 🙂 As much as the fam/friends are bugged, they’re still proud of you for exerting the effort, doing what you love, and accomplishing something you set out to do! No long breaks from writing are allowed, though!

      Liked by 1 person

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