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One Lovely Blog Hop

This blog hop is designed to show our readers a more personal side to ourselves. We’ve been challenged by another author/ blogger to list seven interesting facts to help cast a softer light onto that tough writer’s/ blogger’s persona we all like to project.

But we want to show that behind every story is a story, our story, my story, and like everyone else we have dreams, hobbies, problems and goals. This blog hop is a way to share some of them with you. I was added to the blog hop by the author of Bleeding Heart, a book of poetry, short stories, and riddles. Her name: E.Rawls (Thank you, my friend! You are proving yourself to be a fantastic blog friend with great advice and lots of encouragement!). Elizabeth is now writing a novel. Keep up the good work, E.!

The rules are that I share 7 Lovely Facts about myself, and links to other blogs that I enjoy reading. If I’ve nominated your blog (see names below at the end of post) please don’t feel any obligation to join in but, if you do, please link back to the blog of the person who nominated you (me), share facts about yourself and nominate other blogs (as many as you can).

Here are 7 things about me, the goofy lady behind the computer screen:

1. I’m not all that exciting in conversation. I like movies and TV shows and books and, and, and, but I rarely talk about such subjects. I find that unless they strike a deep chord, I cannot fathom the point of it. There’s a few things I do enjoy talking about. One is God. I’m a Christian, and I love God. The Bible is a beautifully mastered collection of history and truth. I can’t open its pages without learning something new, no matter how many times I have read it. Another subject I enjoy speaking about is my children. They are amazing little people who continue to grow and change. No only do I love them with my whole heart, but I learn from them, too. I also like to talk about my friends with my friends and not in a nasty/gossipy way, either. I would rather sit and listen to you tell me about yourself and how things are going with you than talk about me. (And this is why I find it so difficult to answer these fact questions. I’m not very exciting and I’m much more interested in hearing how you are doing)


2. I spent seven years of my childhood in Southeast Alaska on an island called Wrangell (I think the island is shaped like a dove). My dad took a job at the lumber mill there. I think he and I loved Alaska better than anyone else in our family. I didn’t have many friends and I got lonely a lot, but I loved the place. My dad’s dog, a Queensland blue-heeler, and I would spend hours down on the beach, wandering along the rocky shore, jumping from driftwood log to driftwood log, trying to go as far as possible without touching the ground. I would throw rocks out into the highway (Zimovia Strait: the main water way for travel to and from the island) and Slider would spend an eternity trying to get them back out. I would sit on this huge rock and wait for the tide to come in until it was almost too late for me to get back up the shore. I admired the rock man (three giant rocks, stacked on the beach) wondering who and how he’d been erected. Rainbow Falls was a somewhat easy hike. I can still picture the rain forest trail snaking its way up. I can picture the lush ferns, pungent stink weed, rotting old logs, damp soil . . . all of it. Sometimes I really miss Alaska.

3. I didn’t finish college. I did well in high school and graduated with a very decent GPA. I even received a few scholarships, including a full year covered at the local state college. I went, of course. All through high school I struggled trying to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. All I really wanted was to be a wife and mother. Of course, I loved singing and acting, so there was this dream of becoming an actress, but I knew that was just a fantasy. I’m mediocre at best, but the love is still inside. For college, I settled on a course in communications, though. I decided I could at least look at the possibility of pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism. I like learning new things, I like talking and listening, I like writing, and I like sharing information. It still seems that I could enjoy working in communications somewhere. After spending all my childhood working my butt off to get good grades in school, I was burned out on education. I got married the a month after I started that year of college. We moved across the state after this first year of college, and I considered going to one over there, but I’ve never been able to justify the amount of money it costs to go to school when I didn’t really know for sure what I wanted to do with my life outside wife and mother. Instead, I got a great job with a major telecommunications company and kicked butt at helping people fix problems.

4. That’s my next fact. I love solving problems. If you give me a puzzle, I’ll want to solve it. There is this uncontrollable urge to find the answer. Do I always succeed? No, but I wish I did. Another part of problem solving is resolving issues. I love helping people and doing some good where ever I can. Maybe all I really want to be is a super hero, but that is definitely not ever going to happen. I couldn’t pull off the spandex-super-suit look. Besides, I can’t fathom how a pair of glasses or a little mask are really going to hide my identity. OR, do they? 🙂


5. I secretly love to satisfy people with food. I’m no gourmet chef, but it gives me great delight to make food and see people enjoy devouring it. That’s the hardest part about cooking for my family. Kids are notorious for being picky eaters and mine are no different, but my favorite nights of feeding my family are when the kids gobble it down, sometimes going back for seconds (having enough food to do this, especially with growing kids, two of which are boys, is something to be thankful for!). I spent four years making lunch every Friday at the place where my husband works, and the people there were always making me feel good with their praise and enjoyment of my cooking. I appreciated that aspect of the job very much. I think that maybe the reason I love satisfying people with good food is because it is a tangible way I know I am appreciated. Do you have something that gives you the same sensation?

6. I’m totally in love with my husband, fifteen and a half years later. We both work hard at that love. It’s easy to fall out of love with people, taking very little effort to do so. We aren’t perfect and we make mistakes. But overall, we work hard to maintain a loving relationship, one that deepens with time. The biggest thing is that we each work to guard our hearts, discern our feelings, be ruled not only by our emotions, talk about even the hard things, avoid letting things get to the point they turn into festering wounds causing arguments, respect each other, support each other, pray for each other, and work together as a team. Not everyone starts out with a marriage like mine, so I try not to take it for granted.

CD quote loving heart

7. This post couldn’t end without my saying that there are some other writers I’ve met through social media who are such fantastic people. I’m way more competitive than I’d like to admit. But more than being the best at anything, I love being a part of supporting and encouraging others to do their very best. I’m not the smartest or the best. I work hard to get better at things and sometimes I’m disappointed if I don’t come out on top, but more than anything else, I want to see my friends succeed and build confidence. I’m so happy to have this blog and be able to make friends through it. I hope that I always offer things to encourage and build you up as an individual and a person.

Now, make sure you go read up on E.Rawls’ seven facts because her formative years are idyllic and interesting! 🙂

Here are just a few of my blogging friends to list below. I’d love for any one of them to participate. Actually, I’d like you to participate even if you aren’t on this short list. Seriously, if you follow my blog and take the time to read it, I want to know you and more about you. You obviously care about me as a person and that means a great deal to me. Leave a link to your own One Lovely Blog Hop in the comments below. Next week I will have a blog post featuring links to everyone who participates. It would make me really happy to have lots of links to post!

  • BlondeWriteMore: A splendidly wonderful blogging friend. I want to read the book she is writing! Can’t wait, Blondeusk! 🙂
  • Nicholas Hughes: He’s another author who hides behind a cloak of mystery. Even though I haven’t seen his face he’s still a great friend.
  • Tracy Lawson: A published author who loves to teach and support others. She’s smart and kind. Can’t go wrong with a friend like her!
  • Richard Ankers: I regularly enjoy his poetry and eventually will find the time to read more of his work. He’s always taking time to stop by and read my blog. Thanks for the support!
  • J. A. Merkel: He’s in the mist of editing the first book in his Worlds Apart series and is one of my first and best international writing friends.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Most Sincerely,

Rachael Ritchey

email: writingraci@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/writingraci

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RachaelRitchey


6 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Hop”

  1. I enjoyed reading this! Living on an island in Alaska sounds magical ❤ I do understand about the loneliness part, as I should have mentioned living in Italy I had no solid friends and spent much of my time alone. But the surroundings were beautiful and so I loved that part of it 🙂 Was it mostly cold in Wrangell? (I love that name!) I always picture Alaska as being very cold…

    We should both be super heroes, btw! Problem Solver super heroes 😀 Minus the spandex though…maybe something more comfortable and stylish. I'm feeling mauve or a sea-breeze green color scheme?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not all bad, not having a lot of friends, but it was hard at the time. I still struggle with it sometimes and wonder if I was doing something to keep people at arm’s length or was it my personality . . . or . . . I need to stop wondering. It doesn’t ever seem to have a clear answer. 🙂 I was happy, though, even in the midst of being lonely and I think it helped me appreciate what was around me because I took the time to notice it. I’d love to go to Italy and see where you grew up! You did such a great job of describing your experiences.

      Wrangell was kind of isolated, but it was wild and beautiful. I think Alaska is magical. 🙂 SE Alaska is in the Tongass National Forest, which is a rain forest. It is very lush and green and wet! I would liken it to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. We had longer days in the summer and shorter in the winter, but not drastically so. It rained a lot, but we had nice sunny days, too. The summers were nice and could often stay in the hight 70’s low 80’s for the entire time. I used to swim in the ocean on occasion. Although, with the ocean temps, you never stay in longer than fifteen minutes or risk hypothermia. Parts of AK can be very cold, but Wrangell definitely has a more mild climate. I believe the city/island is named after some Russian guy. 🙂

      Oh, good! No spandex. I could totally be a problem solver super hero in sea-breeze green and mauve. 😀 Let’s do it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s interesting because I often wondered that about myself too. I don’t think I tried to push people away, but rather people didn’t understand how to talk to me nor I to them. Idk, but like you said, it made me see and experience the world and nature around me. And it definitely brought me closer to God; He was (is) someone I could always talk to.

        Tongass sounds wonderful, I love rain forests! I’m surprised the summers aren’t cooler. 70-80s is really nice, I’d like that! Hehe, I’ve been in north beach waters like that 🙂 Only lasted 20 min. I definitely prefer warmer water for swimming, lol. Wrangell the Russian, haha, nice!

        Yes! Now we need a slogan 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Where e’re there is trouble, we’ll come on the double! No…Something like that’s already taken. Hmmm…”Quandaries cannot stop us; perplexity is no feat. We are problem solvers and together we can’t be beat!” 🙂 “We will ever fight against the plight!” 🙂 A fickle pickle of a problem is no match for the Super P.S.s! “We shoo your snafu.” hahaha I should stop now before I get too wacky. haha

          Liked by 1 person

          1. LOL XD! I love these!! “A squall of words is no match for us! We shovel the squall, and shoo your snafu~!” Hehehe, maybe we should go with the first one you mentioned–sounds more “professional like” *turns nose up like I’m fancy*

            Liked by 1 person

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