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You don’t have to be selfish to be a writer

I love how Suffolk Scribblings put my scattered thoughts into words. Sometimes I feel very selfish when I write, but I hope you know, that’s far from true in most ways. Yes, there is a hint of it, but only just. Have a great day, friends!

Suffolk Scribblings

writing life image source: licensed under Creative Commons

Writing is a selfish act. Writers lock themselves away, often for long periods of time, day after day while you live other people’s lives. Even when they are with loved ones, their thoughts are often elsewhere. Writers can very easily stop participating in life and instead become an observer, separating themselves from others to better capture the big picture, or the tiniest, most pertinent detail.

It takes writers a long time to write a book, hundreds of hours of solid effort to craft and shape their story so that it comes close to the image in their mind. For writers of a series, those hundreds of hours can turn into thousands of hours, often spread over many years, if not decades, of time. Most writers, even traditionally published writers, have jobs on top of their writing, so their writing time battles with time spent with loved ones, friends, or pursuing hobbies they may enjoy…

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6 thoughts on “You don’t have to be selfish to be a writer”

  1. A difficult balance indeed! Writer’s life versus social/experiencing-the-world-beyond-writing life. Glad to know we all face this same challenge. Writing really is a full-time job when you count all the marketing, blogging, social, etc things that go with it.

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  2. It is hard not to feel selfish as a writer, but I think most people who know us and what we want, allow us to follow our dreams without letting us get sucked in completely. We need the support system from writers, readers, and even those who do neither, to tell us: “hey, maybe you should take a break from writing and enjoy a different part of life.” That’s been the hard one for me, when I fall into these cycles of locking myself in to write and guarding my time viciously. Yes, sometimes it is selfish. But all in all, it comes out okay in the end. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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  3. Fantastic post IBFF! Have been worrying about how selfish I am getting with my writing. I have this powerful urge to write now, gets stronger every day and I worry what I am missing out on. I think it’s starting to consume me. Fab article – you read my mind 🙂

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