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Interview with Bodacious BlondeWriteMore

Last week, for our infamous famous #BlogBattle topic: Side Table, BlondeWriteMore, AKA Lucy Mitchell, won the prize!  By prize, I mean notoriety as a crazy person lovely lady who can get positively creative with any random topic!

My dear IBFF (International Best Friend Forever) has agreed to a short interview for our curious pleasure!  Thank you, BlondeWriteMore for joining me today!

Our first question is . . .

1) As a creative person, would you rather write a story about traveling to distant places/worlds, or would you prefer to go to distant places? What is your reason for choosing that answer?
I would definitely write about travelling to distant worlds / places. I couldn’t cope without my hair straighteners, hair dryer and wifi connection. I couldn’t risk travelling somewhere without these essential items.
I understand the necessity for such tools! I myself would be concerned over such needs. Who knows what kind of wifi reception one gets from outer space, let alone if they have the right kind of plugin for my hair straightener’s cord!
2) You rise early to work on your blog and other writing, but what is your optimal time of day for creativity? What interferes with this time and why?
I am at my most ‘random’ between 5.30 and 6.30 am everyday. My family nicking my place in the bathroom queue interferes with this.
I think sleep would interfere with my rising at that most creative hour! I’m certainly glad we have two bathrooms, but even then with six people, you may be tough out of luck!
3) (our Alien offering question, thank you Brant Hanson for teaching me your ways) If an alien from out space offered you the most impressive writing talent of all time but you had to give up your family in order to have it, would you do it? Why?
No my family are my source for creativity. I would thank the alien nicely and say no thanks.
That wasn’t a hard choice for you at all!  Even on the worst day, I get the impression you wouldn’t change your mind! ❤
Thank you so much, BlondeWriteMore for taking the time to answer these most pressing questions! You are forever my IBF.

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