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Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop

My imaginative and gifted writer friend, E. Rawls, invited me to this blog hop challenge. She is a fellow blogger who has published a book of original poetry, short stories and riddles that you would be sure to enjoy. It’s called Bleeding Heart if you’d like to check it out! She is also working on her debut novel! I can’t wait to find out more about it! You can keep up with everything related to her books (the series is called V. Chronicles) and writing at her blog by clicking on her name above.

For this challenge I have to reveal five secrets, big or small, about myself and post them on my blog. Ummmm . . . sure. Secrets? That can’t be too hard. It’s kind of like Truth or Dare, right? But we’re pretending I always choose ‘truth.’ At the end of the post I get to nominate another blogger to suffer endure the same challenge.

Here goes!

  1. During high school years I had a rather unconventional poster on my ceiling . . . a cherry red Dodge Dakota pick up. I’ve always loved driving trucks. Sometimes I wish I’d been raised on a farm, but the ocean was a nice second choice.
  2. I basically told my mom I was going to marry my now-husband before I’d even met him in person. She didn’t seem to bat an eyelash. I wonder what was really going through her head after her barely eighteen-year-old daughter announced it to her on the car ride to meet her potential future son-in-law.
  3. I do not become sentimentally attached to many things. In fact, I like to purge the house. The only things I seem to attach to are my people (of course), books, & family heirlooms that have been passed down to me. Otherwise, I’m all about clearing out the clutter. Just need to do it more often. haha
  4. I’m either a blonde or a redhead at heart. Blondes are considered ditzy, which I could easily be categorized as, while redheads are thought to have hot tempers, which mine can be at times.  Now I’m thinking this is a rather dubious combination, especially in light of the fact that I have such dark hair and only freckles to link me with either of the other hair colors and personalities. hmmmmm. Maybe dark brown hair is actually a personality conglomeration, and that is why it doesn’t have any clear “personality” clichés attached to it.
  5. I love textures. At clothing stores, I enjoy the feel of the fabrics from silky smooth to fluffy fuzz to rough woolens. I like to feel the produce at the grocery store (not just because I’m weird. You can tell a lot about it by the way it feels! ;D ) And at the lumber section of the local home improvement store, I savor the different textures of wood and building materials. I even like the slimy, mushy feeling of joint compound. Another lovely texture: skin. Now, that’s the secret you were waiting for. Human skin is AMAZING, from baby skin all the way to little old person skin. What an amazing thing skin is!

Okay, so now you know my five secrets!  Hopefully you won’t duck and run. Of course, now is the really fun part, and hopefully this person is a willing participant to this nomination. There’s so many of you I’d like to present with this challenge, but for today, we’ll lay the gauntlet at Richard Ankers’ feet and see if he takes it up. 🙂 I’m choosing him because I enjoy his regular poetry posts so much, and I’d like for you all to meet him if you haven’t yet!

8 thoughts on “Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop”

  1. Gotta say, I’m the opposite on the clutter. I get sentimentally attached to almost everything. Getting rid of stuff isn’t easy. It rally has to be broken beyond repair, or I have to be really really strong, an then spend weeks afterwards regretting it.

    And now I’m sounding like a hoarder….

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    1. My daughter is that way about a lot of stuff, but we have struggled through and I think she’ s come to find it can actually be incredibly freeing to let go of/part with the extra cluttery stuff in her life. 🙂 I am laughing at the hoarder comment! 😛 ha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL you mean secret 2? Not age 2! haha, my mind read that wrong. Yes. He didn’t know it either. I waited a little longer to convince him that he agreed before bringing the subject up. haha

      Yay! I’ll wear my wig to all our meetings!

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