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SILVER #BlogBattle Winner is . . .

She has done it again, folks!

Blonde Lucy is a fantastic friend and writer. We love her stories, but mostly we love how much she cares about her fellow #BlogBattlers and friends. She approached the Silver theme with great passion and creativity. Congrats, Blonde!

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The Comet by BlondeWriteMore (Lucy M)


When the residents of Draco Street opened their curtains to start the day their mouths fell open at the sight that greeted them.

“Harold” Pauline mumbled staring in horror through the window.

“Its…. silver” she said quietly making her husband Harold quickly put down his newspaper. His wife rarely said anything quietly.

“Your prize wining roses are ruined” she turned round to face him with a worried expression.

“Let me see Pauline.” Harold came to the window. For a moment they both stood and stared. Overnight a strange silver substance had coated their entire front garden, flowers, flower pots, path and driveway. Harold took off his glasses to rub his eyes. His hybrid tea roses, once a beautiful pink blend were now an odd metallic colour. “Oh my goodness” he said gripping the windowsill.

“Everything is silver; gardens, roofs, cars and the road” Harold exclaimed pointing into the street. “What on earth has happened out there?”

Pauline gave him a sharp nudge in the ribs. “What is that strange boy doing?” she asked nodding towards the young boy sat on the silver coated pavement gazing up at the sky.

Harold glanced at the boy. It was young Peter from two houses down. “Oh his Grandfather Eric passed away a couple of days ago, I think he’s a bit upset.” Harold felt a pang of sadness for the solitary figure sat by the road.

Pauline shook her head disapprovingly. “I think you better go and investigate. This is all very strange.” She pushed her husband towards the front door.

Harold found himself plonked outside. There was a deathly silence to the street. No birds were twittering, no sounds of cars, no trees rustling, nothing. He looked around. Everything was covered in a strange silver powder which seemed to glow in the pale morning sunlight. He made his way across his silver lawn. As he passed his rose bushes he gently tapped a rose head. A cloud of silver dust fluttered into the air revealing a delicate pink rose.

Feeling relieved that his roses were ok he decided to go talk to the boy. A door opened and closed loudly from the house opposite stopping him in his tracks. A tall man appeared in a t-shirt and shorts rubbing his eyes in amazement at his silver driveway.

“Morning Mike” said Harold giving his neighbour a friendly wave.

“Look at the mess it made!” said Mike surveying his drive and pulling out a pair of gardening gloves which had been tucked into his shorts.

“You know what did this?” Harold pointed to his silver coated lawn.

“Its from a comet” Mike stood staring at his now silver coated car, his hands placed firmly on his hips.

“Really Mike?” Harold looked shocked.

“It was all over the news last night, some strange orange glow in the sky”. Mike started to wipe away the thick layer of silver dust from his car windscreen. “We tried looking at the sky to see if we could see it but the wife got bored.”

Crouching down Harold picked up a handful of the silver powder and held it up to the light. It sparkled so much it felt like he was holding a powder made from crushed diamonds.

“Its so beautiful’ he marvelled.

“Its a nuisance” Mike said shaking silver dust from his gloves.

“You need to go turn on the TV Harold” said Mike. “They have all these comet experts being interviewed”.

“If experts say it’s a comet then it must be a comet” said Harold sifting the fine silver powder in his hand.

“What else could it be?” Mike asked scratching his head looking at his silver garden.

Their attentions turned to the boy called Peter. He had stopped looking up into the sky and was busy opening an old book which lay beside him. Harold and Mike watched him carefully turn the pages.

For a moment Harold remembered the boy’s grandfather Eric, a strange old man who had spent much of his life living a hermit existence up in the hills. He refused to have any contact with any of his family other than Peter. There had been lots of rumours about Eric’s solitary existence in the wilderness over the years. Reports of unexplained lights in the sky above the hills and tales of climbers experiencing earth tremors had fuelled people’s suspicions of Eric.

“Hey Peter did you see the comet on TV?” shouted Mike.

“It wasn’t a comet” came the reply.

Both Mike and Harold glanced at each other.

“What was it then?” said Mike winking at Harold.

Click here to open up a new window to finish reading the story on Blonde’s blog.

Next Tuesday’s theme word is BLONDE. Kinda ironic, that. 🙂

18 thoughts on “SILVER #BlogBattle Winner is . . .”

  1. I loved this story. I saw an example of an optomist and pesomist (sp?) in life and a boy who had faith in the stories of his grandfather. The solution was so simple to the boy and the world had to try to explain in. I wanted there to be more of the story——

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There were a couple extra votes entered than there are blog battle participants, but there’s no way to tell who voted for what. You still had the most votes, though! Congrats! 🙂 it was a great short short story. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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