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Growing Up isn’t Really Growing Old

This is a post I wrote this day last year. Wanted to share it again.
Here’s a video to go along with it!

Rachael Ritchey

By most accounts I’m still considered young, but I’m beginning to feel old and starting to wonder if I wasted my youth on unimportant things.  I wonder if I’m still wasting it sometimes.  Probably.  My thought, though, is that even though I’m not old yet I’m not young any more either.   But I can still remember being young.

Midlife, anytime of life... Midlife, anytime of life…

I haven’t forgotten it and I find myself wanting to cling to it.  I’m beginning to better understand  that “mid-life crisis” cliche…not that I’m there yet, but it will likely hit at some point in time. Possibly?  Most people associate that with men, but I’m sure women must suffer from it, too.

Fotolio Senior woman contemplating         Here’s the thing:  I look at my beautiful grandmothers and I realize that they are just like me.  Young inside with all those memories of youth still floating around them like…

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7 thoughts on “Growing Up isn’t Really Growing Old”

  1. Agreed, Rachael! I too want to be youthful and young at heart on the inside as the years pass by. I love this post, and the way you worded it. We need to remember that our grandparents, and all older people, were once young and have the same dreams as us. I hope I’ll be a happy old person when that time comes, but I know it’ll be difficult not being able to do the same things and live the same way with age.

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