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Breaking: Local Author to Release Debut Novel!

Now how was that for an exciting headline! Oh? Not so good? It tells you what you need to know. Still not enough?

hmmm…What about


See, now as far as I’m concerned that sounds way more interesting . . . and weird . . . and confusing, AND altogether more eye-catching, but it might be stretching the truth, so we’ll have to stick with the first one.  You are more than welcome to give me some better ideas in the comments below, though! Would love to hear ’em! 🙂

Seriously, folks, headlines make all the difference in the world. Look at all the tabloids in the checkout aisle of the grocery store. Even if you don’t buy the things, you know you can’t help but read those wacky, sensational headlines.

And all this does relate back to that author who spilled them brains o’ his on the pages of a book.  A book titled Bad Publicity.

Maybe you’re thinking, it must be a book about a politician who did something stupid. If you thought that, I hate to have to tell you, but you’re wrong. Brian C. Baer wrote about a guy who does some pretty stupid stuff, but he’s no politician or celebrity. In fact, Brian’s protagonist, Jackson Hardy, tells everybody else about those special people.

Bad Publicity by Brian Baer for Porfirio Press. Art by Michaela Martin http://coconutmilkyway.deviantart.com/gallery/
Bad Publicity by Brian Baer for Porfirio Press. Art by Michaela Martin http://coconutmilkyway.deviantart.com/gallery/

Here’s the book description from Zharmae Press:

Shilling for tabloid magazine Our Spinning World, glitz, glamour, and the grime coating it all is Jackson Hardy’s beat. Toss a ghost named Madame Blue into the mix, squeeze the special sauce out of a few forlorn celebrities, shake until buzzing, and watch that bad publicity bubble over. It’s all part of the gig.

Struggling to put on the air of an alcoholic and enjoying the scowls from his jealous office mates, Hardy cultivates the stereotype to a T. It’s an image he’s grown fond of fanning the flames to create. When that almost-forgotten tingle of journalistic integrity starts nibbling away at his comfortable routine, the muckraking master is soon wandering through underground tunnels, looking over his shoulder for hired goons, dodging buckets of ink, and questioning his place atop the tabloid throne.

Can the man behind the magazine climb his way out of the pit he’s happily been digging most of his professional career?

If you like a bit of the poltergeist, getting a fictitious look behind the scenes of tabloid journalism, and an all out crazy ride in to the unknown world of celebrity, you’ll like Bad Publicity.

Brian C. Baer’s Bad Publicity is currently $4.99 & available for pre-order.

Publication date: May 21st, 2015!

The e-book is currently available for pre-order at these retailers:


iTunes (app required)


Brian is a local (to me) author. We’ve connected over Twitter but haven’t met in person yet. Either we’ll meet over a cup of coffee first (if I can convince him), or he’ll show up at my book signing on Saturday and actually talk to me (I hope!)! 🙂 I’m so excited to meet Brian in person. Now, if only I could meet every one of you in person, too! In the mean time, check out Brian’s new book.

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        1. LOL If it helps, I’ve really only done it maybe three or fours times. Once with family and twice for the book interview things with Aurelia, but that was on google hangouts as opposed to Skype…it’s the same thing, though. haha It would be fun if we did do that, though. Oh, we could even try to do a big hangout with a whoever could make it from the blogbattles, too. That would be interesting. I don’t know how many people you can put into one of those. Curious now. 🙂

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