Interview with #BlogBattle “Frog” Winner Sarah Colliver

Wow! Another week, another winner! Please help me to welcome Sarah Colliver, everyone. She’s an author, mum, and wife. We have that in common, so I’m pretty stoked to ask her some tough questions today!

Congrats, Sarah. We’re so pleased to have you as a part of our #BlogBattles, and this week’s win is a sweet one. I understand you’re trying some new writing styles, moving outside your comfort zone, so this is an exciting win indeed.

Let’s get started! I know you live in a lovely wooded area, so we’ll start there.

1)  When you walk through the Forest of Dean, what is your number one source of writing inspiration? Why?

I am lucky enough to live in the midst of the Forest of Dean, where wildlife and fresh clean air surround me. We have visits from majestic stags, turfed up land by destructive boar and beautiful pheasants walking like Egyptians whilst teasing my dog. Buzzards swoop and soar above our house and sheep bleat in the distance, competing with the sweet birdsong from the canopy of trees surrounding our home. I am a lucky girl because I do not even need to leave my property to feel the rich environment of the forest.

When I walk my dog through the vast network of forest paths, I love to hear the swish of the towering trees, which often sounds like waves on the sea shore. You never know what or (who!) you may encounter and my imagination soars, with what life is like within the forest confines when night descends and the people have left. To answer your question, and I warn you that I am going to cheat, I would say that the entire forest is my number one source of inspiration!

Ah, I can’t blame you for cheating on that one! It sounds as though you can’t take one part without giving a nod to the other parts. What a place to live! Would love to experience it some day. 😉

2) If you could pick one place in all the world to be your writing home, where would it be? What would be the most important thing to take with you?

What a tricky question. Am I allowed to cheat again, as I LOVE where I am? I have a little hub (summerhouse) on our decking above our house, which I have named ‘The Writing Shack’. It is blessed with beautiful views and is peaceful and serene. I would take my husband wherever I went (and my laptop which all my writing is created on) as he is my most favourite person in the world, most of the time (!) and he could bring me coffee and cheese to help creativity flow. I would say that in the future, I quite fancy taking my laptop to a variety of places and see how the environments change my style. I am planning to take it on holiday to the whitewashed hill villages of Spain this year, to see what flows from my Rioja fuelled veins.

There again, I think we’re all a little jealous of your situation. 😉 Of course, I think you’re right about writing in different environs having the possibility of affecting our writing styles. I’m interested to see how your experience with Spain’s hill villages goes!

3) When you meet an alien from outer space, what is the one thing you’d be willing to give up in exchange for a tour/ride in his space ship? Keep in mind, most aliens require a pretty hefty price for any exchange. 🙂

Okay, well I am terrified of flying. I do fly, but I hate every minute of it and am usually deep in prayer the whole time or sipping wine (to numb the pain you understand!) Therefore, I would be happy to pass on this offer, in a cordial manner, to my husband, who would jump at the chance of a ride in space ship. I would happily take pictures of him at the ship door, waving with a silly grin on his face and of the ship taking off. Then I would count down until he was back firmly on solid ground and telling me all about his adventure, where I would write it all down for posterity. I would HAVE to make it clear that HE wasn’t an exchange though, so I would offer them my car, because I am not a born driver. I drive out of necessity, in fact I often think I was born in the wrong era and should have been around before the invention of cars. I would have been happy in a horse and trap.

I have a feeling they’d be disappointed you weren’t offering them your husband. It seems to me a man who will bring you coffee and cheese is definitely something/one they’d be interested in keeping around. Not to mention, aliens are always highly gratified by anyone who displays such elation over flying in their space craft. 🙂 I bet if you throw in the kitchen sink, the car will do, though!

Oh, and I want to see the pictures after he gets back!

What a delight to get to know you a little better, Sarah. Congrats, once again. The Whispering Part One was a lovely beginning to your ongoing story. I hope everyone will make sure to go read it along with all the continuation. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Interview with #BlogBattle “Frog” Winner Sarah Colliver”

  1. Great interview questions and answers. Congratulations on the win, Sarah. Rachael, how do you think of new, interesting questions each time? haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh, I just try to know a little about whoever I’m interviewing so I have a pace to jump from. We just wing it around here! 😉 So happy, ecstatic really, to see you around here! ♡


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