Michievous Mayhem – A haiku

RonovanWrites, CELEBRATING 52 WEEKS of Haiku Challenge!

CONGRATS, Ronovan! You’ve successfully reached a birthday for your challenge and it’s a beautiful baby! 🙂

This week’s words: Silent & Loud

This ones for all the moms and dads I know who are well aware of the dangers of silence when kids are involved! 😉

Mischievous Mayhem 

Silent is a sound,

Every day, mothers crave to hear

Loud activity.

10 thoughts on “Michievous Mayhem – A haiku”

  1. I don’t have children, but my mother’s always said this to my and my siblings. And it’s true. Whenever kids are silent. they’re usually up to something. 🙂 Aah, the mischievous memories…

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