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#BlogBattle Stuffola

Hey all you Battlers and Potential Battlers!

Nicholas, J.A., Lucy, E., Phoenix, Indian Mac, Darren, Sarah C, Marnie, Tess, Candice, Brian, Claire, Jahaira, Carrie Ann, Kima, The Plagued P, John, Michael, Andrew, Lauren, Marje, Melissa, Orana, Tracey, Ms Toy, Solveig, Sarah B, Kristin, Beaton, & Karl

How’s it going this beautiful Monday? Well, here in the Inland Northwest of the U.S. of A. we are inundated with smoke as fires burn all over the state of Washington. I did hear that Australia and New Zealand have offered assistance in fighting the fires and are sending over crews of firefighters! That is a big deal. Fighting fires is dangerous work, and they are putting their lives on the line. I’ll certainly be praying for their protection and success alongside our own brave men and women.

Anywho, on to business! 

  1. I have a favor to ask of you all! Starting this week, please add the genre of your story to the top of your post! I’m going to try arranging them a little differently this week. We’ll see how it goes.
  2. Could you also write a short little blurb about yourself to add to your battler page? Just a few sentences would do.
  3. You Rock!
  4. Did I mention? YOU ROCK!!!
  5. Thank you.

That is all! Looking forward to TROOP stories tomorrow! 🙂  THANKS EVERYONE! ❤ Rach-Rach (thanks, Carrie Ann 😉 )

25 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Stuffola”

  1. Ha ha ha. Great idea! Will do–yes and yes–when I return in September. Will be in and then out because of a scheduled trip. Want you to know I’ve been keep up with the challenges. Exercising that muscle, Right? Okay, massaging it as well. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Tess! We’ve missed you this summer, but I’m so glad you’ve had a good writing massage! Will be excited to have you back in September. What trip will be taking you off again? And thanks for keeping up with the battles! ❤ 🙂

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    1. Yep and Yep. There’s a list of basic genres on todays entries and voting post if you just want to pick one of those to stick your story into. AND No worries. There’s still time. 😉 Assemble the Troop! Ha! Um…just so you know, you run like a girl. hehehe

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        1. I’ve been told, on a good day, I run like a gazelle, but it is coming from my friend who is almost eight inches shorter than me. My steps looks like leaps and bounds compared to hers. haha She’s got better stamina and less front baggage to worry about, though. haha TMI? Am I right? haha

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  2. My little blurb: E. Rawls lives off of chocolate, iced coffee, good humor, Tolkien and imagination, and is a Speculative Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Steampunk and Christian author in the making. She’s currently working on her Epic Fantasy series V. Chronicles.

    Can you tell me what the next theme word is? I’m scheduling my blog battle post ahead of time because I’ll be away for a while. 🙂

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