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Competitive Glutton for Punishment

When I was younger–because I was terrible at sports–I always said I wasn’t competitive, but I’ve realized that is completely NOT true. The reason I said it was probably because I am terribly, horribly, utterly competitive and hate that I stink at sports. I’m really not great at most things I do, but I’ve embraced my competitive side and do my very best even if I have no chance of winning. See, ultimately I’m competitive against myself. Or really, that stupid voice in my head that says, “You can’t do ______.”

I live for the challenge. I love to see how far I can push myself. Often times I find I have exceeded my own expectations (that doesn’t always mean I meet other people’s, but I sure do try).

Really, what I want to do: ALWAYS DO MY BEST. Because the more I work at something, the more I resist the desire to give up, the more I am able to accomplish which means I learn, adapt, and grow. It’s not easy, for sure, but it’s worth it.

So this brings me to the reason for today’s blog post. 🙂


Nicholas Hughes, who I first #BlogWarred with over rabbits (NICHOLAS’S & MINE), if you recall, has challenged me yet again.

We are going to WAR! Blog War!

The current #BlogWar Details:

I gave Nicholas a genre and theme word to stick to and he has given me a different set of genre and theme word. We each must write within the genre given and use the theme word to the best of our ability. It’s similar to #BlogBattle, but a little different in the fact that we don’t get to choose our own genre.

EARLY ON MONDAY, September 14th, 2015 I’ll be directing you to Nicholas’s blog where you will be able to read both of our #BlogWar stories. They will be there because we are doing it anonymously to avoid favoritism as much as possible. Once you have read both stories you will be asked to vote on three criteria, which are basically as follows:

  1. Who best stuck to the genre they were given?
  2. Who had the best usage of their given theme word?
  3. Which story was most entertaining?

I’m looking forward to the challenge. The #BlogWar has begun, and I would love for you to help out by participating in the reading and voting! It will be fun!

20 thoughts on “Competitive Glutton for Punishment”

      1. Oh, thanks Rawls! I see how much you care about me! That hurts. Now, I’m gonna go cry in a corner. LOL. 😀

        Rachael’s a better opponent than she realizes…. Shhhh…. Don’t tell her.

        I feel much like both of you on competitions. Don’t feel that I’m the greatest, but I still like doing them on occasion. There are things to entertain me regardless. And I do like the entertainment. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Crocodile tears, even! You’re just being nice. Between entertainment and what I learn about myself, nit to mention the opportunity to improve my writing skills, I find competition Rio be a great teaching aid. But I have to admit it’d fun. 🙂


  1. I’ve never seen this one. 😀 Fantastic. I do love a good challenge.

    I have to reread that first part of your post. I’ve always felt the same way–I’m not competitive. But I always do my best. This is such a timely post for me. Well, good luck and have fun!

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  2. I remember seeing something about this quite a while back. I think it was before I really followed you properly, and I was rather confused as to what was going on! I look forward to following it properly and reading both of the stories. 🙂 How long will voting be open?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. #BlogBattles started because Nicholas and I were having a silly conversation about something on Twitter and a response he made on the first poll I ever did on my blog. He said something, can’t remember what, but I said, “is that a challenge?” and then somehow we ended up battling over the word RABBIT. BlondeLucy was like, “oooo! I want to do this!” and I thought, well, why not? We could do this all the time. It could be fun. 🙂 So here we are, six months later!

      I think Nicholas want the voting to go from Monday to Friday. 🙂 THANK YOU Phoenix! And happy birthday, again! hehe

      Liked by 2 people

        1. It all started over a bunch of silliness. That’s what happens when you get two adults (read kids) in the same room talking about silly stuff. It’s all done tongue in cheek with a lot of laughter on her side and a bit of grumbling on mine (Rachael’s a better opponent than she gives herself credit for).

          I’m looking forward to it.

          Liked by 2 people

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