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BlogWar II: The Words Strike Back—Results

Blog Wars are much like the Battles, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. If you think you’re up for it, keep your eyes peeled for the next Blog War and be ready to enter the fray!

In My Mind, This Is All Connected

First off, let me say that from both Rachael and I, thank you for voting!  It was important to us and you all pulled through.  Thank you!

But enough of that.  We’re all here for the results.  So without further ado, the winner for BlogWar II is. . . . .


Personally, I knew it was coming.  😉  She wrote a fantastic story which beat mine hands down.  I’m happy for her.  Here’s hoping that this lifts her day a little bit.

Also, here’s a brief interview with Rachael and a repeat of her winning story!

Nick:  So Rachael you won! Congratulations! How do you feel?

Rachael:  I feel good. Allergies are getting me, but I’ll be okay. Seriously, though, thanks for playing along. I’m happy to have won! Thanks all.

N:  Which story was yours?

R:  My story was Persepolis West, the Western.

N:  What was your…

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7 thoughts on “BlogWar II: The Words Strike Back—Results”

  1. I LOVED your story, but I love all of them. You are very creative, imaginative and like my great granddaughter says, “you make stories that make movies in your head” She is a smart one too and also may be a writer of stories in your head. I am pleased FOR YOU !!

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    1. Thanks, E! I didn’t capture the real crazy and wild part of the western genre, but I got a glimpse of it and still got to be inspired by some great history around the city of Persepolis located in present day Iran. 🙂 Pretty cool. 🙂

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