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Pre #Halloween #FlashFiction #Challenge #TGIF

KristinI was challenged by my very fun and creative writer friend, Kristin, over at Pursuit of A New Adventure to write a Halloween story in fifteen minutes and no editing. Flash fiction at it’s best. We’ll see how I do. I’ll start with the first sentence of her story and see where it leads. (I haven’t read hers yet so I don’t copy it!) Click here to read hers.

The wind whistled in between the branches of the grabbing trees that I saw briefly in between the layers of fog. The misty air pricked at my skin leading me to shiver in the damp chill, but I pressed forward against the strong intuition I knew better than to ignore.

The eerie song played by the dry, brittle leaves still clinging to the trees could have been a comfort had it not been for the path I was on. My sneaker-shod feet crunched through the dead leaves littering the hard-packed ground making me wonder if I’d ever make it to the bridge without being detected.

The fog was thick, too think to see beyond the resting maples, birches, and walnuts. In the distance the lonely call of a wolf echoed, breaking the silence of morning half-light and brought with it the scattering of leaves in an unnatural gust of warm wind which blew across my neck as though a someone stood just behind me.

Every inch of my skin rebelled against the sensation, and without a second thought, I ran down the path–through the thick clouds–blind to what lay before me. I couldn’t tell if I my rapid heartbeat and gasping for air were from dashing forward or the knowledge of what lurked beyond the fog and waited.

I gasped and lurched forward, skidding and sprawling across the musty, rotting-leaf covered dirt. The end was before me. I’d run to him, not away. His glowing eyes, shining so bright from the head he held with such care under his arm, told me I would never see the blue sky again.

And there you  have it. I ran out of time! That was much more difficult today that I thought it would be. I guess my mind is elsewhere. 🙂 I didn’t do any real editing here, but I caught as many mistakes as I could in process.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, make sure you leave a link to your 15 min Pre-Halloween Story on Kristin’s Challenge post!

21 thoughts on “Pre #Halloween #FlashFiction #Challenge #TGIF”

  1. Great work for 15 minutes! You can weave quite a spooky tale, Rachael. The Headless Horseman is on the prowl! Would not want to meet him on a foggy evening like this… Have you considered writing more mystery/horror short tales?

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