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Power? I’m Not She-ra

I do not have the power. Seriously, no power at my house. Half my block has it, but the rest of us continue to live in the dark. I really cannot complain as we are lucky enough to have a gas stove to heat the house.

I can still access the internet on my phone, although sans wifi, so it is not great since I have terrible reception at home. For now my awesome and amazing local coffee shop, Jack and the Bean Shop, is kind enough to let me drink inexpensive, yummy drip coffee and use their wifi.

The kids are in school and I’m sitting here, warm and cozy, able to catch up on all the wowiwebbing I can in the short few hours available to me.

So, thank you to local businesses willing to let people “hang out” in your facilities, and for all the workers who come in (with or without power at home), to make sure the rest of can have a warm, safe place to be while Avista, Modern, and Vera all work to restore power.

Thanks to the utility companies who continue to work day and night to restore power to the county! Stay safe. We know your job is not easy or particularly pleasant, but we appreciate you spending the longs hours out in the cold to help the rest of us be safe, warm, and often pampered with all our modern conveniences.

The ones I miss most are my fridge, stove, warm water, and wifi. I look forward to the day I can take a hot shower, make a warm bite to eat, and sit in my own comfy home to write these special blog posts. haha

I’ve got so much to be thankful for. Count your blessings. Name them one by one. You’ll be surprised to see what you truly have to be thankful for in this life. The small stuff all adds up.

❤ Rachael

31 thoughts on “Power? I’m Not She-ra”

  1. Oh Rachael, I feel your pain, and I must say you are handling this far better than I did when we lost power for 11 days due to a massive ice storm. It was a very trying time, and the winter air was frigid below -20 degrees at nights. I hope it isn’t too cold where you live. Am praying for you, friend. Hopefully power will return soon. *hugs*

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      1. Yeah, I wouldn’t blame the power company–at least not the workers, who are trying their best. I admit I complain to myself and am not a happy camper though, haha.
        Did you get power back yet? Was it in time for Thanksgiving? Prayed for you. *hug*

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            1. It is, but what better time to be reminded of all we have to be thankful than right before Thanksgiving? 😉 Right now the snow is falling, a thin blanket of white covers the ground. I’m sitting in a warm building with kind people, a link to the outside world, food to eat, coffee to drink, and safety not everyone enjoys. Even though I’m terribly inconvenienced by it all, I cannot complain. I am full of gratitude. And you taking the time to comment and talk with me makes me grateful. Thank you, Richard. I appreciate you for many reasons, two of which are your kindness and your creativity. Both are inspiring. ❤

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