Gap (or Oh, Bricks!)

#BlogBattle 39: Bricks

I need to cry. I wrote a lovely poem for this week, and somehow I clicked on something and lost it all. 😦 I’m kinda a lot mad at myself.

If bricks was a bad word, I’d probably be saying it right now. As it is, I thought it in my head and that’s probably enough. Poo.

I’ve never missed a week before, and this is a little disconcerting. Midnight has arrived. I’m all out of time and I’ve lost my words. They have floated away on the breeze. They’re bricked up behind some wall of bricks, hidden away–a treasure never to be found.

I feel the tears behind my eyes. They are real and silly and frustrating, in and of themselves. Who cries over a lost poem? Who wastes heartbreak over a few stanzas of thought and life poured out on a page? I do, I suppose.

Oh, Bricks!





36 thoughts on “Gap (or Oh, Bricks!)”

    1. My tired finger slipped off the key and pressed something weird. It deleted EVERYTHING. I couldn’t remember the shortcut on they keyboard for “undo” and panicked, thereby permanently erasing any chance of recovering it. haha I’m just soooo glad I wasn’t super attached to the poem. But I was rather proud of it. Maybe that’s why I deleted. it. hahaha

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      1. Things happen, that’s just the way it is, yeah. I lost an entire scene once, and I felt sooo bad about it! Thankfully I was able to quick rewrite it, but still… I figured something must have been wrong with it and that’s why it happened. 🙂
        Memorize that “undo” shortcut, AFA! And tell me what it is too, I have no idea. I only know the “backward arrow” undo button. 🙂

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    1. Oh, bricks! That’s terrible. I think I’d melt into a puddle on the floor if I lost an entire novel. I know what you mean about the likelihood of it being better, but still! 😉 Thanks, Cathleen.


  1. I know the feeling. Once I spent a couple days looking for a file I HAD to have to no avail. Remember Hemingway and his lost suitcase on the train. At least for you it was one poem. ❤ ❤ ❤ I can't help think he never forgave Hadley. 😦

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  2. This is what we are are writers and why we write, how many times have I (and the rest of I’m guess) some up with a piece of work or an idea or even just a scene or paragraph only to be lost moments later if we don’t write it down somewhere.

    I feel your heartache as those words are lost now, they were unique and you can’t put them back into that order again, if you re-wrote it it wouldn’t be the same. *hugs*

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    1. ❤ Thanks Simon. If only it had been words still just thought instead of painstakingly written out! Ally the sympathy and empathy have helped to assuage my pain. I'll try not to swear again. haha But I really hate that I lost that poem. I was so happy with it just the way it was. *sigh and hugs back*

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    1. I wish I WAS kidding. 😦 It was literally the dumbest thing and I’m just kicking myself right now. I will say that sometimes the words we have given, for whatever reason, sometimes are best lost. I’m not sure that’s the case with what I wrote, but I can trust that there’s a greater plan in all of life, and every little insignificant detail has a purpose. It’s a side effect of hope, I think. ❤

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    1. I wish I could, but it was my own stupidity. Then I couldn’t remember the keyboard shortcut to undo whatever I’d done, made the mistake of using the right-click on the mouse which NEVER works well in WordPress. *Sigh* Thanks for the sympathies. haha I could use a bit of sympathy right now. 🙂

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      1. Naah, it’s the computer. It’s always the computer, I was there in the 1980s when they invaded the pen & paper world of my beloved HMIT (think IRS- yep- one of ‘them’). We had to fight to keep the system working- ‘Terminator/Skynet’ had nothing on that struggle! ….You still have a bucket’s worth of sympathy from me anyhow (My own safety device is to type it all out on Word, going Save-Save every other line, then copy & paste it onto where I want it to go)….
        Take care and watch out for those ‘machines’

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        1. Okay, it was definitely the computer. 🙂 You have successfully put the struggle in perspective. Haha I was just thinking from now on I’ll have to do that. If only I’d thought of it before disaster struck! Now that I’m drenched in sympathy I can move forward. 😉 Thanks. (I’m concerned that this machine is continually attempting to change my words as I type. They call it autocorrect, but I find it dubious)

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          1. Skynet I tell you! It’s infiltrating those little apps that tell you ‘little things’. Innocuous and cunning. It took over Word and autocorrect years ago! …Hah-ah-hah-I know you’re out there Skynet! (I’m nearly 65 I can get away with things like this)
            Best wishes

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