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Guest: Rachael Ritchey The Captive Hope Blog Tour

Check out the next fun interview for the Captive Hope Blog Tour with Roger Jacob at Heroically Bad Writers. Even though his computer fought him ever step of the way, he has graciously hosted me on his blog and with all the issues getting it together, I’m STUPENDOUSLY grateful to him! Please stop on over and give him a looksee/follow/like and a lot of friendship! What a great fella. 🙂


Hello folks, today I’m very pleased to be welcoming Rachael Ritchey onto this blog as part of the blog tour for the second volume in her captivating The Chronicles of the Twelve Realms series.

Rachael has her entertaining and very informative blog right here on which is well worth a visit. Somehow she also manages to find the time to run a weekly BlogBattle and exude so much infectious enthusiasm that folks like me do things like this with computer like mine.

Rachael’s novels are set in a Fantasy Realm; and as with all good YA are nothing that adults should be sniffy about; characters battle with fears and doubts as well as evil. Dialogue balances with action, plot and sub-plots meld together, and there are hints and clues left to have the reader wondering just what is over the horizon in future works.

Just to give you a flavour of The Captive Hope here’s…

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7 thoughts on “Guest: Rachael Ritchey The Captive Hope Blog Tour”

    1. I would love that, Dan! 🙂 Actually, I copied/pasted your interview questions post into Word and started answering some of them a while ago. I will find it if you just want to use that. I would TOTALLY appreciate the help with another interview promo! 😀

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