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This is the Last Official Stop on the Tour!

Thank you so much to my great author friend, J.A. Merkel for hosting the last official day on the Captive Hope Book Blog Tour! It has been an amazing ride over the last few weeks, and I’m grateful for all the encouraging things everyone has said. It means a lot to me to have the hosts assemble the posts and to know you’ve taken the time to read our posts!

Captive Hope Blog Tour by J.A. Merkel

Correct Cover ExampleI am very happy to be able to host a spot on Rachael Ritchey’s Blog Tour for the second book in her Chronicles of the Twelve Realms series: Captive Hope.

I was a big fan of the first book, The Beauty Thief, and Rachael did not disappoint with number 2. It featured some of the same Point-Of-View characters, but it also had a host of new ones. I think she really nailed it with some of the new voices. Here’s a short description of Captive Hope.

The Twelve Realms seems an idyllic nation, but behind locked doors there are sinister powers at work. Not even the royal family of High Castle is outside their reach…

CLICK here to continue reading on J.A. Merkel’s blog


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