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Intrigue & Romance: Inside a Creative Mind

I’ve got a special guest on the blog today! I set up this lovely little seating area on a raised platform with uncomfortable, stiff modern chairs and a cute little table with gorgeous, exotic fake flowers in a vase. There’s this amazing picture of the city at night as the back drop and we’re ready for the guest of honor to arrive.

Behind the Lights
All the photos are also links to Behind the Lights on Amazon.

Please welcome the lovely and thoughtful Kristin Elise Garrett! Kristin is a Creative Mind and the author of contemporary drama and romance but can write pretty much anything she could imagine. I’d like to start by saying thank you for coming on the blog today, Kristin. The first thing we’re curious about is, what is the name of your most recent book, and what genre is it?

Kristen: Behind the Lights is my most recent and second novel.  It’s fiction – with drama, suspense, a little romance.

Sounds like a great balance already! Where were you when you first started writing Behind the Lights?

K: I was sitting at my desk, writing a blogging challenge and when I was finished with it I thought, this is going to make a great novel.  It doesn’t end here.

That’s fabulous news for us! I read your debut novel, She Hopped Over the Wall, and really enjoyed it. Behind the Lights is on my list of reads for the year. Are there any places or circumstances that inspired the book?

K: Absolutely!  The blog challenge, the feeling of being under a microscope, the shipping industry, Los Angeles.


That is an evocative list of inspirations. It makes me think you’ve got great experience in dealing with all of the above. It’s sure to make it easy to write certain characters. Speaking of that, what character surprised you in the writing of the book? I mean, is there one that caught your attention or became something different from what you originally intended?

K: I thought Stephen was going to be a selfish, bachelor politician forever but he really morphed into something else.  But I can’t tell you what because it would be a spoiler!

Spoilers! Well, now we really need to read. If Stephen surprised you, I bet we’ll be surprised, too! As writers, it seems like often times we need to get into ‘the zone’ to write some of these characters and stories. What is your writing ritual?

K: Lately, I’ve been waking up at five am, uninterrupted, and getting to it first thing after the coffee gets into my head.

That’s great dedication, Kristin! And it’s exciting, too, because that means there are more books coming! Is Behind the Lights a stand-alone or will it be part of a series?

front of BL

K: For now, it’s a stand alone.  Instead of a series I thought, what a great TV show.  Scandal meets Gossip Girl.  So I wrote a TV pilot, and I sent about thirty-five agent inquiries a couple of weeks ago and am waiting for someone to read it.

Cool! That’s such an exciting step to take in the publishing process. What has been the biggest obstacle in the publishing process? How do you overcome it?

K: Marketing!  I self-published on Amazon’s CreateSpace, and I loved the freedom.  But getting it out there is difficult.  I’m a writer.  I’m not a marketing expert LOL.

Oh, I commiserate. I think most of us, as writers, would love to forgo the need to do marketing ourselves. haha I think you’re doing a great job, and being open and available to interviews like this is one great way to meet new people. Speaking of meeting new people, how about new places. If you could write from anywhere in the world, where would it be?

K: Well, next week it will be Argentina!  The beauty of writing is that I can do it anywhere.  That’s what I love most.

So true! I’m going to beg now for you to share TONS of pictures from your trip. Some of us want to live vicariously. 🙂 You’ll have so much inspiration on your trip, but what is your favorite subject/theme to write about? Why?

K: I love the romance.  Not anything naughty, just some sassiness here and there.

That’s the best kind of romance! So we’re coming to the end of our time together, and I want to ask for your input. We’d love it if you would share one piece of advice for writers that has really helped you grow as an author.

K: I’ve heard this argued, and I think to each his own, but my best strategy is that I write for me.  Not for the reader, not for the stats.  For me.

First and foremost, we definitely write for ourselves. It often amazes me how many people truly love and appreciate many of the same things as me. The world is such a big place!

One last question, because I just gotta ask! What is the working title of your next book and can we find out what it’s about?

K: That is a secret! 😉  I am not sure if I will self-publish or reach out to publishers (which will take forever) on this next one so I don’t want to give too much away.  I can tell you that half of it will take place in Buenos Aires and there will be romance!

*sigh* I suppose I’ll have to live with that teaser. I do so love a good romance! 😀 Thank you so much for coming and letting me ask you a bunch of random questions! You’re such a fabulous guest!

And thank you for stopping in to meet the creative Kristin Elise Garrett and find out a little bit about her newest contemporary romantic suspense novel, Behind the Lights!

Behind the Lights is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon Kindle this week, February 10th – 16th! It’s totally worth that and more, so don’t miss out!

Also, make sure to connect with Kristin on her blog: Pursuit of a New Adventure  and on Twitter: Kristin Elise Garrett

front of BLIn a city consumed by glamour, megalomania, and social status, it’s tempting for an overindulgent shipping heir to want to be on the inside.
Mayoral candidate Stephen Cavanaugh, getting married? Bianca Robertson never thought she would hear the announcement; especially about her.
After a political election a port
scandal is revealed. Who is really going to win dominance over Los Angeles?

back of BL

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  1. I think the author of ‘Behind the Lights’ is fab and she has been a great friend to me 🙂 The author of this blog is pretty awesome too. Sometimes people thousands of miles away can be more supportive than those stood around you. Hugs to both x

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  2. I agree with that advice. Write for yourself, first and foremost. That’s where the passion and the joy lives. I wish you luck with the book, Kristen. 🙂

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