14 thoughts on “We Have Winners!”

      1. They told me I need to send them a “letter of intent” but I can find no information on what it’s supposed to say. I wish to reclaim every file they have on me, as to not be listed in their inventory anymore. I have asked around, but no one else seems to know, either. ( sad-faced sigh)


      1. Thanks again Rachael! You’re doing wonders for the old morale! As usual I can write ’em but after that….eeesh!!…Which do you think I should go for on e-books Lulu or Amazon? …Also there are a few copies of the 1st volume collecting dust hereabouts ( I told the spiders to go and hang out on the plants and lampshades-my wife wasn’t too happy with the latter suggestion). If you would like a copy I could send one free of all charges.
        Best wishes

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