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To Indie or to Query… that is the question!

My friend and fellow author, Erin Wissing was kind enough to interview me over a real cup of coffee and has posted her write up of our time together plus a great review of the first two books in Chronicles of the Twelve Realms without giving away all the good stuff!

From Writer/Suspense Author Erin Wissing:
erin wShould I self publish or set out on a quest to find that mythical agent to represent me to the publishing world.

New to the world of publishing? Me too.

Welcome! It’s a bit crowded in the pre-published pool of writers. I find that it’s also very lonely — but that’s a side issue. I guess we are all swimming in different directions with our plots and our genres and our cast of characters swirling around us, we can forget about what happens when our novel is ready to meet the world.

As I finish up my novel I find myself pondering the path my soon-to-be-completed novel should take.

What kind of publishing is best?

It’s a bit intimidating. Do I take the world by storm — just me, my computer and Amazon? Or do I write countless query letters and novel proposals and send them out to the agent world in the hopes of finding someone who believes that they can sell my story?

At what point can I call myself an author?

Personally, I’ve always wanted an agent. I’ve dreamed of seeing my book in a bookstore, having a (potentially) big audience and proving myself by having a publishing house see my potential and give me that ever-elusive advance. But, not everyone wants to go that route anymore.

With eBooks and CreateSpace an author no longer has to be traditional.

Enter Indie published authors.

My friend, Rachael Ritchey loves her self publishing platform. Sure, things can be frustrating and hard, but she gets to avoid the publishing hoops and bureaucracy.

Click here to visit Erin’s blog to read the rest of this great article and her review of both The Beauty Thief and Captive Hope!

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13 thoughts on “To Indie or to Query… that is the question!”

      1. Birthday? Oh, I didn’t know. Happy belated birthday. 🙂 And this is a great review. Also a dilemma I have. Not sure which way I’ll eventually go, but I need to actually get the book written to start with. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

          1. True. I’m just not sure which path to go down. I see the advantages and disadvantages of both. I’m hoping something will come along and point me in the right direction at some point. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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