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When Men Speak

#BlogBattle 59 “Voice”

genre: fantasy (historical fiction)

“. . . life is in your hands dear boy.”

The king’s voice carried over the cobbled terrace, but it wasn’t the cryptic words which caught Xavier’s attention. Florian sprang up from his seat and leaned into Orn’s face. It was too dark to make out either man’s features, and Florian’s voice was too low to hear his response.

“Ahem,” Xavier said loud enough to be heard by the two men.

They both looked his direction, and he could feel the glaring anger even from twenty feet away. Xavier could tell King Orn spoke but could not decipher his words.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Your Highness. Prince Theiandar asked me to find Sir Florian.”

The next thing the king said lacked all obscurity and was full of geniality. “Of course, young man. He’ll be along in just a moment. I have been giving Sir Florian a report of his sister and his lands, have I not Sir Florian?”

Xavier detected tight-lipped anger in Florian’s voice when he said, “Yes, Sire.”

He hesitated, not sure if there was something going on that he should be concerned about or if Florian was more familiar with the monarch of Wyeth than he might have assumed. When seconds passed and neither of them moved Xavier decided to disappear. He’d have to ask Florian about the strange encounter later.

He bowed and retreated back into the bright gaiety of noise within Hamlin House.

I’ve done something fun here. Well, it’s fun for me. This is a different perspective of a scene in my current WIP The Treasonous. The idea was too good to pass up, and it was fun to think about the scene from a different character’s perspective!

50 thoughts on “When Men Speak”

  1. Neat piece and flirts with my genres…I have something I may tweak and submit. It’s part of something bigger but the scene might fit….however what exactly is the prompt meaning. It says “voice” so do you have to actually use that word in the post or is it more liberal with a writing voice, or a string narrative voice or a story about vocal chords πŸ™ƒ

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    1. Thanks, Gary. πŸ™‚ It was a good exercise. So, for battle it is that the word needs to appear at least once in your story, or it should be very clear that the story centers around that word. On May 10th there’s a new word. I can’t think of it right now, though. Click the link at the top and the other post has all the info (toward the bottom)

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      1. You are most welcome 😊
        I’ll hunt my files this weekend and see if I have something to tweak….but May 10th might suit better…thanks re clarification too…I hate being a newbie with a passion πŸ€•

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            1. Works for me. I’d rather you understood than muddled through. Only post on Tues, otherwise it’s harder for me to find/remember/add your story. That way blogbattle is a Tuesday special, too. πŸ™‚

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            2. Too right…I’m forever telling my kids if they get stuck at school ask the teacher on two counts…one it’s their job and two…you can guarantee you will not be the only one not understanding something! Might give off answer ….I pester well πŸ‘»

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            3. I will also say I’ve loved theses exchanges Rachael. One of these days I intend to start checking if people here are on other social media sites and link up on them too. You’ve been a massive help and confidence booster so thank you 😊

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            4. Cool…is it…I thought it was revenge for you being so nice…although that’s my horror angle failing badly…. One of the caveats was to put up another bloggers blog and since you helped me loads it just had to be yours 😊

              Liked by 1 person

            5. I never assume….Tis unwise… Although I nearly went RPG there for a moment…..character alignment and all that…although if I’m wrong that would make you evil harpy witch….sorry….just do not see that πŸ˜‡

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            6. No comment….well, that is a comment…but it won’t send a satirical empty post…although maybe a row of spaces…although that might lose the nuance. I may refashion the look of my other books witch queen now 😊

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            7. Will try and find the right scene this weekend… It’s part of my opus magna that’s been sitting for a year waiting for the tale to begin again…well the first book in the series to get edited….prevaricate mode activated πŸ€”

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