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Encouraging Dads: A Project to Inspire

There’s nothing like being a dad. No pet-parenting, no uncle-ing on the weekend, no babysitting for your friends. Nothing will ever really compare or prepare a man for the job of being a dad. Sure, those things give you a perception of responsibility and even affection, but it’s rare that there is a man who might truly understand fatherhood without having already undertaken that title on a 24/7 basis for the remaining span of his life. Encouraging Dads book

It’s tough being a dad, and there are countless days where a dad wonders if he’s “doing it right” or “if he’s going to screw up his kids” because he thinks he’s failing. Dads have a job like none other because the time and effort (or lack-thereof) they put in will make an impact, good or bad.

The men who sign up for fatherhood need encouragement, and this book is all about that. Encouraging Dads Project is an anthology of short, true stories all about showing dads that it’s the small stuff that really counts.

You can purchase free copies of the ebook at Amazon all this week! I encourage you to please support this book and the dads it honors by getting a copy today. Right now. 🙂

PS I participated in the project with a meaningful story about my own dad, and I got kinda excited when I saw that it’s the first one in the book. It made me really proud to see my dad’s picture in the “look inside” section and know that he is a man who, though few in words, is an ocean of love and care.

Happy Father’s Day (A little early)

CLICK here to Purchase Encouraging Dads: 30 Short Stories That Inspire & Encourage Dads

36 thoughts on “Encouraging Dads: A Project to Inspire”

    1. It’s that cool? My story was brief and as I reread it in the book I thought, you know, this isn’t a bad introduction short story to the book. ❤ I appreciate all John's hard work in putting this together. I hope it encourages a lot of dads and will-be-dads, and those who take the place of dads. ❤


  1. Hmmm….bit late for me this one….mummy daddy primary carer…..and still doing school runs in the exam years of the teenager with one two years behind….did I get it right?? No idea…they still live and are very polite outside the home…not that I’m envious this book comes about now…timing is everything 🤔

    Still…brilliant to know there is one out now 😊

    Great review Rachael and I’d certainly advocate giving it a read 🙃

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            1. True indeed….and chauffeur engaged this morning….half a day of revision lessons in school when school out….hehehe….oh that’s so evil 😇

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            2. I’ve got a post coming about that tomorrow. I actually use four platforms, but there are more worth at least checking out. I can post it a little earlier because it’s done, but I need to do one more quick proof pass since I finished writing it late last night.

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            3. If you don’t see a comment on it by the end of tomorrow I’ll have missed it so give me a nudge…or I could just come stalk your blog instead 🙃 Times come to start with some decisions…puts off cover design for a bit at least 😊

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            4. For me it’s knowing which ones are OK to try…word of mouth is usually my mantra in unfamiliar territory…deciding which are fly by wire and which are good is tricky…also what they offer to me as opposed to what they offer for me…🤕

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