21 thoughts on “Conceptualizing Books With Art”

  1. I love your artwork, Rachael. ❤ This was fun to watch, and a great way to share your art! Btw, I have to say this, but near the end of your video you had a "cat tail" for a while XD (your cat was having fun behind you, I think!)

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  2. Those are gorgeous! I, personally, believe in writer’s block but this is such a wonderful way for you to get beyond whatever you call getting stuck while writing. I would LOVE to be able to draw. It’s a perfect, creative way to free your mind, take a break, and yet stay in the mode of your story.

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    1. I suppose it depends on how one defines writer’s block. 🙂 The only time I have terrible wiring is when I’m stressed or there is something in the story I’m fighting against writing…kind like not wanting to stir up those particular emotions or situations. 🙂

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  3. Very nice, Rachael! If you want to feel better about your drawings, remember this; a three-year-old would give me some serious competition, and probably win when it comes to artwork. I truly cannot draw, though I keep trying. 😀

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  4. The drawings are really good. It’s good to have something else to go to when the words are stuck. I’ve debated with myself whether I need to see the characters exactly, or if a rough idea of them in my mind will do. Does your drawing the characters help you to write them?

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