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Awww…. cleaning the hard drive off and found this. A recording from high school.

Breath of Heaven

song by Amy Grant

singing: Rachael Ritchey

For you, what’s a fun memory from ages ago? 🙂

16 thoughts on “Reminiscing…”

  1. Hey, you’ve got a pretty good voice. 🙂

    I used to love to sing too, but I think the best memories related to music I have is making up dance routines to Spice Girls songs with my friends. Fun times!

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  2. After reading these comments what I posted yesterday seems right…
    Tread lightly on your childrens future.
    What they See, Hear and Feel from you…
    They will pass on to their children.

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  3. Beautiful, Rachael, you were a fab singer even in high school, it seems!
    Sticking to the song theme, the school bus I used to ride back in my childhood Italy days would play the craziest Italian techno music. So I had to listen to that through all of middle grade. 😀 No idea what they were singing about!

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  4. I youtubed some songs from high school and a)with radio edits i definitely didn’t know what those songs meant b)i would never let my kids listen to the crap i listened to

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