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Cover Question

Would you take a minute to help me? I’m updating the cover of Captive Hope and I can’t decide between these:


CS CapHop 1 poss


CS CapHop 2 poss

It’s a superbly subtle difference, but potentially enough to draw attention from readers…

Feel free to comment below, too.

update: Here’s a C option: (a bit of a combo of the two above….)

01 test CS CapHop june16

Here is an ebook version:

Cap Hope new 2016 web

Here it is small, like a thumbnail on Amazon:Cap Hope new 2016 web

62 thoughts on “Cover Question”

  1. By heck, time has passed since I last trolled in here Rachael….too long has it been!! I like A, myself, more moody with the darker tone…but I’m not arty so take that with a pinch of salt 😁

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      1. Too right….my scheduling sucks…but time is reappearing…exams for eldest are all but done….now, I’ve missed this battle of blogs…what’s the next prompt…I need some writing practice πŸ™ƒ

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            1. That’s how I will spell it….so no disqualifications as that’s the proper way to do it 😜

              How’s tricks? It seems an age since we chatted!

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            2. Haha We Americans tend to drop the U from most things. I’ve read enough BritLit, though, that sometimes I mistakenly (or properly) add the U. πŸ˜‰ Of course, I believe I am somewhat if an Anglophile.

              It has been a while! Don’t laugh at me as I had to double check with the urban dictionary on how’s tricks. Haha I find modern British slang is an entirely different language. It means the same thing as the Southern “How’s your mom an’ ’em?” πŸ™‚

              I’m doing okay but not online as much. The last couple weeks have been double busy. How’s tricks with you?

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            3. Yes I know…it’s been the source of many a humourous debate 😊 And even the Canadians spell it right too…πŸ™ƒ
              Tell me about it…modern British slang is getting really grim…rich language and enter modern youth…terrible thing indeed…

              Tricks here pretty much the same as you…busy…still in publishing WTF….is worth it isn’t it worth it….followed by arrgghhhhh…and covers…arty…more arrrghhhh. But apart from that….

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            4. Haha many Canadians also speak their own version of French. I’m sure some of our slang could be considered the same. I’ve even fallen prey to “whatevs” haha Don’t worry, Gary, you’ve got this! πŸ˜‰

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            5. That they do πŸ‘»
              I think slang is a global thing, dialects here or there but it’s western youth that seems intent on using ever more weird expressions…. With fewer and fewer words! Got this you say….yes…indeed….I’ve seen your been there done that T-shirt….easy after the first run through….but does that make me feel better….bah humbugs 😱

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  2. I like A, it gives more emphasis to the character by showing her image closer, the close up displaying her emotions more to the reader than B. It also seems more balanced in terms of the background, making the character the focal point.

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    1. Rachel is a beauty. I have so many great pictures of her, but the only problem is she’s got a smile hiding in her eyes in almost every one. Haha that’s only a problem for when it comes to the cover. Thanks, Tess. πŸ™‚


    1. Yeah, I considered that, and it’s why I used the more boxy bold font on the original, but I’m really want this more delicate font. Working out the contrast, especially between screen and print is complicated. I can always change the ebook cover a little to give it that contrast or highlight. Would you say that would be doable?

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        1. I have it on Smashwords is you want to do a search there and trek me what you think if the thumbnail. I’m not to terribly worried about it being exactly readable because if anyone glances at it and Dobbs it attractive they’ll also have the website printed title under or beside the thumbnail.

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          1. I would say you are – this cover stands alongside many covers I’ve seen in my local Waterstones, definitely πŸ™‚ I get the stressful bit though – I still feel that way about most aspects of my books haha

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I can’t decide if that bit is important enough to make more readable. The print on these week be darker/richer than on screen… it should be easily read one printed.


  3. I like A, the color and larger face attract more attention. But now that you showed option C, I might like that one most–it’s a nice inbetween. πŸ™‚ Love your new covers for both books, btw! ❀

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    1. The only thing I did was move the picture and enlarge it. They may look that way because more of the face is merged with the blue of the background? I’m messing around with it still. haha


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