My Writing Journey

Spice for Life

#BlogBattle #64 “Flavor”

Genre: Drama?

Life has its own flavor. Everyone’s is different. Mine is not like yours, and yours is not like hers. We have our own flavor, and we bring something different to the recipe of living. Some of us mix and make life delicious, while it seems some of us are never meant to be in the same vicinity, we create such a diabolical flavor!

What surprises me the most is when flavors mix that one would never expect to work well together and yet make for the most delicious combinations. You and I are like that. We are like vanilla and cardamon, boring and exotic in a way that tantalizes the senses. When I look at you I am taken up in the heady aroma of your spice for life, the way you overpower and meld with me in a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

We come from different places and have experienced like through different flavors, but it is that very otherworldly aroma that draws me to you and makes me faint at your feet. I want more of you, to be drawn in to your flavor and make the world jealous of our perfect blending.

I’ve had the taste of you and yours is a life I cannot soon forget.

13 thoughts on “Spice for Life”

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I’d written something else but at the last minute decided to change my entry because the first one was too personal…about my best friend whose mom just passed away. It was all I could think about until I wrote it but didn’t want to share…This was as intimate as I could get. ♡

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  1. This would be so arious if one had low key canniballistic tendencies you know like that old sci fi story where aliens come in peace with a book called how to serve man and it’s all fun and games till they discovered it’s a cook book

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