Flicker and Flame


Flicker and Flame

the fire light dies

only in the halo of tiny candle

is the spark of life.

My air is wasted.

My eyes are locked and grim.

Heavy darkness and oppression

feed on my soul,

but a glimmer of hope dances,

wavering thin and unsure

Until damp fingers snuff it out.

This is where the mind has wandered today, but don’t worry, there is always a chance for more light. ❀

image courtesy of pixabay:Β https://pixabay.com/en/candle-light-burn-flame-dark-968244/

12 thoughts on “Flicker and Flame”

  1. This is haunting and beautiful. You created a masterpiece with the snuffing of a flame. Thank you so much. I love this one.


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