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Spread the Word! #CWWH2017

I see some head scratching going on there. What is CWWH? Why is it exciting? When is it happening in 2017? Don’t worry. I’ll answer these questions of yours and give you some resources to make sure you get to be a part of this exciting experience!

So, what is CWWH?

CWWH-linked-in-308x146The acronym stands for  Connecting Writers with Hollywood. Not enough description? Here’s what they say:

“Whether you are a novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker or a fan – this conference is for you.”

JD DeWittThe director is JD DeWitt, and I believe this project is her baby. She’s been active in the entertainment and literary business for the past twelve years and currently pitches Intellectual Properties to producers in Hollywood. Along with CWWH, she is managing partner/co-founder of Ink Slinger Entertainment as well as a literary agent. She’s active and inspired to bring writers from afar and Hollywood muscle together to make great movies.

I have been checking on the conference over the past month or two and was surprised (and dare I say a little disappointed) to see the conference moved from September 2016 to May 25-27th, 2017, but when I see the lineup of talent that will be presenting at the conference I’m actually really happy they’ve changed the dates. It gives me time to save my pennies!

I also have to stop and say it makes sense that they want to get the word spread far and wide before it happens! They might need more time. The venue might have needed to be adjusted. Who knows the actual reasons behind the change. All I really care about is that this is going to be a fantastic event to attend, not to mention it is a convention that is local to Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. The Inland Northwest needs more of this, and I for one am excited to help promote the opportunity.

(I’ll stop here and add this disclaimer: they didn’t ask or pay me to do this, and I hope I’m doing it right, because it’s fun for me to support a worthwhile endeavor that could benefit my community and friends.)

Here’s why it’s exciting . . .

This year, we have the honor of having Chuck Palahniuk as our featured speaker. Dr. Ted Baehr, of MovieGuide. Screenwriter Mark Steilen. Producer and Literary Manager Mike Dill. Nancy Holder, who just produced a novelization of the new Ghostbusters’ film. Screenwriter & Producer Brian Bird. And best-selling authors Jamie Ford, Robert Dugoni & Lisa Renee Jones.

Our Women in Film panel features: Mischa Jakupcak, Lacey Leavitt, Mel Eslyn and Megan Griffiths.

Can I just say . . . um . . . FANTASTIC LINEUP! Some of these people you may have heard of, but most of them are successful behind the scenes, and their names are known only when you’re “in the biz.” But don’t be deceived by that. If you want to see your writing on the screen in a big way, your name could be with these awesome people.

There will be speaking, workshops, and pitch sessions available. AND this conference, as such things go, is VERY affordable. Visit the CWWH2017 website and check out all the speakers. Don’t forget to register!

Now you’re begging to know when this awesome conference is happening? It’s happening next spring! You have some time to save up for travel expenses and all that jazz, but register asap to ensure your spot!

DATES: May 25- 27, 2017

Spokane, WA USA

From what I can tell, this will be happening at the historic and beautiful Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane. Added bonus of coolness, people.


Here’s how to stay connected with everything CWWH2017:

Here are the current sponsors:

Auntie’s Bookstore, Spark Community Center, Film Alliance Northwest, The Actor’s Studio & Get Lit Programs!


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