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#MyFirstBlogPostRevisited Blog Hop

Hey all! I have been tagged for this fun and slightly uncomfortable blog hop! haha I squirm a little because it means going back to where it all began. Well, not it all, but all this blogging. I have almost 800 blog posts to date, going back three years. That’s no small feat!


So, as per the rules of this fun blog hop hosted by Sarah Brentyn, I’m copying and pasting my first blog post here, and I’ll even link back to the original so you can see I didn’t change it! Not even a little! 🙂

Wow. Am I Really Blogging?

So, there have been a few times over the years that I’ve been asked, “Have you ever thought about writing a blog?”

My response was always, “Nope.”  But then the question I have is, why are they asking?  My first thought is usually something like, “Oh, they must like reading what I write.”  haha  Really, it could just as easily be that they are thinking, “Man, she sure does talk a lot.”

Actually, it’s probably a combination of the two. I don’t mind, though!  I do talk a lot, and some people really do like to know what I have to say, which still surprises and humbles me.

I probably never would have jumped into writing this blog, but I started writing a book that, some day in the future, I would very much like to have published!  I’ve also found, after getting over the initial feelings of secrecy (mostly because I wonder if anyone will take seriously that I would even attempt such a thing), that I really love talking about the creative process I find myself going through each day.

Writing is something I have enjoyed at least since the sixth grade.  My teacher, Mrs. Carns (forgive me, though, it might be spelled with a ‘K’??), gave us a creative writing assignment every day, and I looked forward to it.

Of course, I’ve never stopped enjoying the process of writing my thoughts, feelings, imaginings, musings, and so on.  That being said, I hope you will enjoy this blog I’m starting as I discuss my journey as a would-be author.

And thanks to Arcane Owl @ A Wayward Scribblez for actually liking it back in the day! 🙂

Here are the rules from the amusing and talented Blog Hop Host, Sarah Brentyn:

Obvious rules:

  • No cheating. (It must be your first post. Not your second post, not one you love…first post only.)
  • Link back to the person who tagged you (thank them if you feel like it or, if not, curse them with a plague of ladybugs).

Other rules:

  • Cut and paste your old post into a new post or reblog your own bad self. (Either way is fine but NO editing.)
  • Put the hashtag #MyFirstPostRevisited in your title.
  • Tag…um…ten two twelve five (5) other bloggers to take up this challenge.
  • Notify your tags in the comment section of their blog (don’t just hope they notice a pingback somewhere in their spam).
  • Feel free to cut and paste the badge to use in your post.
  • Include “the rules” in your post.

Completely silly rules that I’m making up as I type:

  • Drink a glass of wine, bottle of beer, cup of coffee, mug of herbal tea or whatever floats your boat after you hit “publish”. (In other words, toast yourself. Go you!)
  • Read the post out loud in a Mickey Mouse voice.

And on to my victi–ahem–nominees!

I’m putting this eclectic group:

  1. David Williamson @ SonWorshiper
  2. Candice Coates @ I Came for the Soup
  3. E. E. Rawls @ Author E.E. Rawls
  4. Roger Llewellyn @ heroicallybadwriter
  5. FaithSong @ Story of Fire

on the chopping block for #MyFirstBlogPostRevisted! 🙂 Come meet my friends and get to know them a little better. Thanks for the fun!

AND thank you for reading my first blog post for the first or second or third or something time!

16 thoughts on “#MyFirstBlogPostRevisited Blog Hop”

  1. 800?! Whoa. So, actually, this is great! And with no editing. Glad you took the plunge. It’s so interesting to see where we started. Ah…the power of teaching. 💖 Thanks for the lovely blog hop badge! It’s awesome.

    Love your tags and am looking forward to seeing their first posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, some are guests posts and reblogs, of course, but 789 I think was the final count. Wow! I hadn’t really been paying attention. Thanks. I probably should have started a separate blog for all my religiously minded thought pieces, but I generally still do those on my facebook on the rare occasion I have a thought to share. 😛 THANK YOU, and thank you for inviting me!

      Liked by 1 person

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