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A Battle Unlike Any Other! Who Will Win?

Some of you may know Candice Coates. If not, you will get to know her a little today as she has been kind enough to do an interview with us.

And I also have a great opportunity for you to be a part of something big.

Something exciting.

Ms. Coates has written two amazing books that are both almost ready for publication, but she needs help deciding which to release first. As most of you know, it’s a huge step to publish a book. It could be likened to sending your oldest child off to their first day of school.

Such a big deal!

And Candice is prepping these babies for a beautiful send off! I wish her a ton of success. I had the opportunity to beta read Warden and loved it. I got to read a couple chapters of Nexus Gate 4037: The Animal, too, and I wanted more, so the decision is obviously not an easy one.


Here are the Rules and links for the Battle of the Books:



  • Read teaser chapters of both books. (NEXUS GATE  and WARDEN)
  • Follow the link at the end of the Chapter Teaser back to the Voting Polls here and cast your vote for which story YOU think should be indie Published first
  • Leave your constructive criticism for both stories
  • Follow Candice Coates here and on social media!

But before you run off, please stick around and meet the author!

Ask the Author

Candice Coates! So excited you’re here to tell us more about these books and yourself.

First, let’s ask some stuff about the books we’re voting on.

1) What genre is each book?

ng-battle-of-books-promo-4.pngBoth Warden and Nexus Gate fall under the Science Fiction Genre, with Warden leaning more toward Science Fantasy and Nexus Gate, Speculative Science fiction. As far as audiences for either piece, both can be enjoyed by New Adult, YA, and Adult, although I would suggest parental guidance for Nexus Gate as some of the derogatory language used may prove disturbing.

2) What is your favorite part of each? Why?

I have an immediate answer for Nexus Gate and even smile thinking about it. There is a scene that takes place at the opening of Chapter 22 that always cracks me up, with Tucker John. I won’t say much about it as not to give away spoilers but he has a big problem with the meal he is being served and the way he expresses it cracks me up.

With Warden, that is a tricky question.  The first scene that comes to mind takes place at the end of Chapter 37 and the beginning of Chapter 38 where there is a fiery altercation between two Senior Wardens, one of who is Jasper. I enjoyed writing that fight scene and visualizing it. It plays out in my mind even now as I think about it.

3) What sort of characters are the main characters in each book?

Wow, that is a great question. First, I feel like each of the characters are an extension of myself somehow since they were born from my imagination.

What I can say that I notice about Jasper and Maeve from Warden as well as Tucker John and Vivian from Nexus Gate is that they are a group of people who battle with their own mountains of insecurity or need to be accepted. Either consciously or unconsciously they all express a need to prove something to someone, be that they are worthy, that they have it all together, or that they are just as human as the next person. They are each very complex in their own ways, same kind of root issue, but extremely different fruit from the four of them.

So excited to see both of these books get published, Candice! But before we move on to the chapters and voting opportunity, we’d love to know more about you, the Author.

1) warden-battle-of-books-promo-4What books have influenced you and your writing style?

I would say it has been a very eclectic mix of reading that has influenced my style and made it what it is at the moment. I love Frank Peretti, and Octavia Butler, James Byron Huggins and the Clean Read Versions of Tamara Leighs Romance Novels. I also enjoy clever middle-grade stories as well as YA. I like the blend of fast paced, yet, crisp wording, seasoned with flowery metaphors. I’d like for my style to be seen as masculine enough for a male audience but scented with just enough beauty for women to enjoy, while clean enough for a Young Adult to read it without their parents cringing. Almost like seeing a construction worker carrying a bouquet of wildflowers while riding a bike with a basket. The imagery sounds odd, but it draws you in enough to be curious about it. I actually got it from seeing it on episodes of House Hunters International. One Italian construction worker was leaving a work site and went and purchased wild flowers. It was beautifully masculine. Then there was another worker riding a bike with a basket on it.

2) What is one theme you would one day like to write about and in what genre?

I would like to write non-fiction inspirational teaching books. I have several ideas and have notes and pieces stowed away for the future, but writing things for the Body of Christ requires the right timing, just like with fiction.

3) If you had to choose between crawdads and sushi, which would you prefer and why? What do you think that says about you?

Hands down, sushi as it means ‘vinegar rice’ and does not require the added fish or meat to still be sushi. I am very particular about fish…I don’t love it. LOL but I do enjoy sushi. There is a place here called Fusion that is like the Chipotle of sushi. I usually get roasted chicken in my sushi roll. They even make peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls. Crazy enough, it is actually refreshing and doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth. It’s like the construction worker with wildflowers.

If I were to analyze my reason behind my choice of sushi over crawdads, well, sushi is all about taking one meal and making it unique and different in endless ways. This is how I see writing especially my number one genre Science Fiction. How many different ways can I tell a tale about time travel and parallel universes that are uniquely different and equally appetizing? It’s the genius of sushi!

And you are definitely a creative, versatile, and talented writer! You have taken a similar theme and given it completely different stories, both compelling, action packed, and full of deeply nuanced characters. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Candice!

It is time to read those first chapters and make a vote! For voting, click here:

Battle of the Books

Here are links to follow Candice on Social media

To find out more about this battle, the author, and the book projects, you can follow these blogs where there will be more to come from Candice Coates:

About the Author:

candice-head-shot.jpgCandice Coates is a fiction writer, jumping from genres ranging from Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy to Comedic Clean Read Romance and Drama, all with touches of her Christian faith. She is a lover of Ireland, tea, and just about anything with pistachios. When not writing she is creating visual art with pen or paint, or she is creating new designs for her handmade polymer clay jewelry line, Shizen Brook. To read more of her work you can find her at her author site, or You can also find out more about her and how to stay connected by going to


16 thoughts on “A Battle Unlike Any Other! Who Will Win?”

  1. So excited for Candice!
    That question about the crawdads, do they taste any good? We used to have them in our backyard when we lived by the coast in Mississippi, but I never thought of eating any *eek*!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I’m not mistaken they are the same as crawfish and in my opinion they aren’t bad at all. I don’t really eat shellfish these days but having a crawfish wrap with spicy mayo and cabbage and some lemon is not an unpleasant meal at all 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Tess, and no it isn’t! In am a proud mama of both stories but I know first impressions set a tone. I would say choosing between the two is like deciding what to where on a first date, a fun flower dress for a date in the park, or a black dress for an expensive dinner event. Both are lovely but oh so different.

      Liked by 1 person

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